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Masters, Computer Science and Engineering

For over ten years, I have stayed on a direct course to computer science and engineering in my education and in my work. More than this, growing up in Iran and going for undergraduate education in Computer Science, I knew that with each new day of research and study I would be getting closer to bringing my dreams to reality.

And now I have reached a point in my academics and my career where I want to do more research, and increase my understanding through the graduate Computer Science and Engineering program at XXX University. I am completely fascinated with how the human eye senses light, and simulate vision in conjunction with our brain, and how simultaneously the brain stores images automatically. At the same time, I have always wondered if we could make computers do the same thing. At XXX I will be able to work as a member of the research team on visual attention in human and computer systems, helping to answer these questions. To date, I have been increasingly interested in the variability of the visual world, the way we see the world, through my work and in my own personal research.

XXX, I will be to find how computers can also have vision, interpret visual motion in high-level terms, and how computers can have high-level motion understanding. I anticipate hands-on experiences in programming robots to complete tasks, as well as the newer ways robots can explore and interact within an environment. I have read a great deal about the newer stereovision research, line and region extraction as well as motion analysis and am eager to see for myself how computers and robots can recognize and detect objects in real-time, and automatically. 

Completing a graduate program in Computer Science and Engineering will prepare me for eventually becoming a professor of chairperson in a XXX in Canada. The ideal would be to work as a professor and a lead researcher, sharing my knowledge and experiences with like-minded researchers, industrial leaders, and students wanting to go into research.

My years of being a Technical Analyst, my training, experiences, and proven ability have prepared me to make significant contributions to the field of computer science and engineering research. In Iran, I studied computer engineering and immediately started building my experiences after graduating, working first in telecommunications and then in banking for three years as a computer engineer. Now I work for one of Canada's biggest companies, Canadian Tire as a co-op student, which gives me relevant experience that I can apply theory to, and prepare for my graduate degree program. Working here in Canada has made me want to give more, and go further, and with XXX I can do this.

Getting my undergraduate degree in Iran was very important to starting my career but when I emigrated to Canada, I knew I had to update my knowledge and get a sense of what the issues were in Canada. Going to XXX and studying Computer System Technology as well as University XXX, I have taken many courses that relate to sensors and other integral computer hardware and have completed many projects, from very simple ones like building a small light sensitive robot as a junior computer-engineering student to the more complex. For example, I have many hands-on experiences as an individual and in teams with the installation and maintenance of XXX networks, troubleshooting circuits and faulty computers, and have used networking terminology when working with telecom vendors. Many times, I have to work in a deadline, multitasking workplace, and always wanted to finish the projects before the deadline.

After all my experiences and education, I have acquired many valuable experiences and knowledge in all facets of troubleshooting, installations and maintenance for various desktop operations, hardware and software. In addition, working with non-technical people, I learned how to deliver highly complex technical information in terms and concepts that end users can readily grasp.

As a future professor and researcher in a XXX university, I expect to find students and faculty from all over the world. I grew up in Iran, and have lived and been educated in Iran and Canada. Also, I have traveled to many places in my country, as well as to Malaga, China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and plan on traveling all over Canada. Already I speak two languages and have met and interacted with people of many different cultures, and think that I can communicate well with people of all kinds of backgrounds. This will help me greatly in the classroom, as I will be able to reach diverse students on many levels. I truly appreciate diversity, love meeting new people and sharing different worldviews. Even in Canada, I understand how there are many cultures, and people from Asia, Europe, the US and other places. Canada is now my home and I want to give back.

I have taught before, in both Iran and Canada. While I was doing my undergraduate in computer science in Iran, I spent two years teaching computer instruction. This is when I started designing curriculums myself and feel that I did this creatively, making lessons interesting. Now in Canada, I have tutored part-time for two years while at XXX College, giving extra instruction to students and helping them with various academic study areas. This has helped keep my interest in teaching and my skills as a teacher practiced.

XXX University is the only school I am applying to. No other school in Canada can offer me a better curriculum with such a refined scope. Also the list of faculty is very impressive and I am eager to work with such intelligent and highly educated people faculty and students who share my passion for computer science and engineering. The internship program would help me continue my co-op education, increasing my exposure in industry, and my understanding of new issues, research and challenges.

I look forward to being a creative leader for future research in the field of computer science and engineering. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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