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BSc Computer Science UK, Artificial Intelligence

My approach to life's challenges is one of perseverance; the harder the problem that I am faced with, the more determined I am to solve it. When I first started to experiment with programming it was incredibly satisfying to see my hard work begin to take shape and this only encouraged me to further branch out to new languages and use more elaborate techniques. From this simple beginning I set my sights on a career in the computing industry, and many years later I still have no doubt whatsoever that is exactly where I want to be.

From a relatively low-key debut with HTML and CSS, my love of programming and dedication to the subject ensured that it wasn't long until I was experimenting with server-side scripting and relational databases. As my confidence grew, I was given the opportunity to create small scripts for projects owned by a group of like-minded peers and not long after, I began my first full-scale venture; a canine simulation game that used a script to create unique images on the fly.

Being a logical thinker, I have always been in my element around subjects such as Mathematics with Mechanics and Physics and enjoy applying my knowledge to analyse and solve complex problems. Creativity is also very important to me, particularly with regards to dealing with challenges, so in my second year of A-Level study I took up an additional AS in Design Technology to further develop these skills.

The reasons behind my desire to study Computer Science are that I would like to expand my existing knowledge of programming and learn to apply it in various applications such as Artificial Intelligence, games and software development. I feel that having a good insight as to how a computer actually operates and deals with data would provide me with a solid base in understanding errors and the best ways to optimise code. I have opted for a year in industry in order to develop my ability to work both as part of a team and independently and to translate my education into productivity in a working environment.

One inspirational aspect of computing that fascinates me is the ability that many ingenious pioneers have taken existing technology and used it in innovative ways, for example when Johnny Lee used Wiimote technology to turn any screen into an interactive whiteboard. Working on a project that has the potential to provide benefit or entertainment to others gives me a real sense of satisfaction, and I'm looking forward to developing programs that have the prospect of being used worldwide.

As an active person I jump at the chance to get involved with extracurricular activities, and last year I took on an important role in a Young Enterprise team. As Head of ICT I was tasked with creating the designs for the product as well as several marketing aids such as business cards and a functional and informative website. I was able to work well within my team and was able to take on a leadership role from time to time. I am a very able individual and can work well on my own without being prompted, shown by my independent study of Further Mathematics during my final year of Sixth Form.

In my spare time I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen (much to the dismay of my parents). I also have a deep interest in the natural world around me, and like spending time outdoors and watching documentaries. Later on in life I intend to travel the world and visit places such as the Alps, or the ruins of Machu Picchu.

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