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MA Economics UK, Diversity

I am applying to study a degree in economics principally because of the diversity of both the subject and its applications, and because I find it fascinating and challenging at the same time. Having studied the subject at A-level, I believe that the possible depths to which it may be studied are almost endless, and as such, the number of real-life situations to which it is relevant is similarly vast. For example, the area of economics in which I am most interested is the study of the ways in which monetary and fiscal policies affect society as a whole. For this reason, I found the Public Choice theory particularly engaging. In the future, I hope to gain employment in the banking or financial sector, and I think that a course as flexible as economics would be of great benefit to this.

Recently, I have participated in the Bank of England's Target challenge. From this, I not only improved skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and analytical skills, but also learnt about the consequences that a seemingly small decision, such as the lowering of the interest rate by a quarter of one percent, can have on just about everyone. Another aspect of the project that I enjoyed was the way in which all of our team members research and work came together at the end to form the whole, and enabled us to come to a conclusion. I would very much like to have the opportunity to study this area, among others concerning the interest rate and monetary policy, in greater depth. I am enthusiastic about the subject, and a highly motivated student, and I therefore think that I would be well suited to studying economics at university level.

My hobbies mostly centre around music; I sing, play the piano to grade four standard, and have also composed music for keyboard-based instruments. I have found that the more knowledge of music, and its structures, that I have gained, the more insights into popular music I have acquired, and can then enjoy it on many more levels. I think that this holds true for many subjects: the more understanding you have of something, the more you can enjoy it. I also like to get involved in sports, such as swimming, in my spare time, as I find them a great way to unwind and have fun at the same time!

In secondary school, I held a position of responsibility as a prefect. I also sang soprano in the school choir, which again helped me to hone my skills of teamwork and co-operation. Prior to beginning sixth form, I spent a summer working as a volunteer in a scheme run for children with disabilities, which was both a lot of fun and very rewarding. Although working with some of the children was demanding and required the ability to adjust and adapt quickly, I would definitely say that it was worth it and would love to do it again. In addition, I currently have a part-time job in a retail environment. Because of this, I believe that I am able to communicate and solve problems more effectively. I have also gained understanding of the worlds of business and commerce within the context of a large company.

I have put serious consideration into my choice of course applications, and believe that I would be able to contribute both academically and socially to university life.

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