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MA Economics, Mathematics, Statistics UK

I have always had a love for subjects that demand logical, critical thinking. At school, Mathematics was the main academic outlet for this passion; however studying Economics A-Level has enabled me to see the world in a different light and has inspired me to increase my awareness of the current world issues, through regularly reading the Economist and keeping up to date with current affairs. I see that Economics touches and changes the lives of everyone and with a true understanding of Economics I will have the ability to achieve my goals.

From reading The Undercover Economist and A Free Lunch, which contextualised the world in simple terms of supply, demand, and competition, I find it interesting that many big issues in the world can be brought back to those simple theories. Yet what fascinates me more is that every theory or policy has two sides. I derive great satisfaction from spotting the weaknesses in economic policy, identifying, analysing and evaluating the secondary effects and unintended consequences.

Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying being involved in the Bank of England Times Target 2.0 challenge as an enrichment activity. In our team we are analysing and evaluating information from a number of sources, i.e. using different data sets to establish the extent to which the economy is running up against capacity constraints on the supply side. We are also keeping up to date with economic developments in the UK and world economy in order to assess what should be done to interest rates in April. Working in a team of four, we must present our decision and be questioned by a panel of Bank of England representatives. This challenging work has developed my communication and data analysis skills.

Given the importance of Mathematics, in particular Statistics, in Economics today, I believe my passion for Mathematics will be highly beneficial. Always having a natural ability for Mathematics, I have strived to nurture it through taking AS Further Mathematics this year. In particular my favourite area of pure maths, calculus, will be particularly useful in microeconomics, for example, to derive individual budget constraint curves. As Mathematics and Statistics prove to be increasingly vital in business, finance and the economy, studying and understanding its applications within these areas would be very rewarding for me.

It is one of my main aspirations to speak a foreign language fluently and ultimately to live and work in France. When I participated in the French Exchange last year I was captivate by the culture and way of life. My knowledge of the French language improved vastly, and I gained confidence and developed people skills. I feel that full immersion in a language is the most beneficial way to learn about that language and culture, and I would like to expand my knowledge of French by taking studying/work abroad options. Throughout my academic career I have participated in school life fully, taking on several roles that developed my sense of responsibility and maturity such as peer mentor, school council representative, and Deputy Head Girl. Outside school I am taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and have nearly completed my Silver Award, which has taken dedication, perseverance and commitment as we have faced many struggles organising and completing it. I have been an assistant athletics coach for a group of under 11s which improved my confidence and patience. I developed entrepreneurial skills and an awareness of how Economics links with business on the smallest scale from my venture on EBay, buying and selling stock, and from working with my mother to set up and run her payroll business.

I feel that my past academic performance, work and other experiences outside school, as well as my personal qualities of determination, ambition, and commitment will help me to succeed at university. I relish the opportunity and challenge of playing a full part in a thriving university department.

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