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Blog posts : "Educational Counseling Masters MA"

MA Educational Counseling, Music, Spanish

I am a man of highly diverse interests in the arts, culture, and the advancement of well-being. As a musician and music teacher, in particular, I have had the opportunity to develop the kinds of skills that are especially important to be a high school counselor. Among my accomplishments in life that…

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MA Educational Counseling, Central American

I was born in El Salvador in 1978 but barely remember it since my grandparents brought me to my parents a few years later after they established themselves in California. Thus, I feel like I have always lived in L.A. As a Salvadoran, one has been among friends since LA. It is like El Salvador's seco…

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MA Educational Counseling, Veteran

My first choice for graduate study is XXXX University in Richmond, Virginia. This is the only school to which I am applying because I feel strongly that the program at XXXX best fits my interests and potential contribution. I was raised in Richmond, my home, and this is where I want to contribute to…

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