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BA English Language UK, Creative Writing

I knew from an early age that I wanted to study English: from winning the Writer's Cup at the age of ten to achieving consistently high grades throughout my education. I am fascinated by the fact that the English Language and the work produced from it has no boundaries: creative writing is limited only by one's imagination, and the English language itself is ever changing. Language is something that ultimately brings everyone together; yet also provides the biggest divide. Pursuing my studies of English into A Level has made it impossible for me to read a piece of text without analysing it; picking out features and themes from within it. A topic that I am particularly interested in is creative writing; an aspect of English Language that I was able to develop in my coursework.

I gained work experience at Waterstones Booksellers. My communication skills improved, and I was complimented upon my good manners and helpfulness. I was given the responsibility of writing reviews to be displayed around the store. Independently, I enjoy learning from books such as David Crystal's How Language Works. I felt that this covered all aspects of English Language, including Linguistics. It has helped to broaden my knowledge of the subject. Reading, however, is not just limited to college study, but is something which I also enjoy doing in my spare time: from classics such as Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice to modern novels also. A particular favourite is This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, which explores relationships and the conveying of such matters through song. The theme of language surpassing the lives of humans is emotionally expressed. Through college, I attended a lecture on the poet Phillip Larkin; it was presented by the admired author Martin Amis, and gave a detailed biography of Larkin's life and works. I saw Tom Stoppard's Rock 'n' Roll to add background knowledge to my AS study of his play Arcadia. I found both extremely entertaining, and was absorbed by the enviable wit and intellect. I was chosen to represent my class at college in an English Language focus group. I feel that this gives me a sense of responsibility, reliability, and reinforces my aptitude at being able to work independently.

I chose to do five AS levels and continue with four A Levels as I feel that I am hard-working enough to cope with this level of work. Studying English Language will help me directly with my future studies, and I feel that my love for the subject has grown even in the past year with the AS course. Creative writing is appealing to me as I feel that anything can be explored: when writing, you can become someone else completely; you can live another life through your stories. English Literature has enabled me to explore texts through history; for example, studying Jane Eyre has shown the change in the English Language throughout history. Theology and Philosophy has improved my analytical skills, which will help me during my years at University, but also beyond. Business Studies enables me to capture a glimpse of the real world, and allows me access to theories that can be put into practise; for example, those needed and used when doing my work experience at Waterstones Booksellers Ltd were similar to those that I learn about in the classroom.

In my spare time, I enjoy sewing and clothes-making. I love the feeling having finished a garment, especially if making it has been a challenge or has had set backs. This activity has improved the creativity of my work and my determination to succeed.

Higher education is the perfect opportunity for me to continue my studies at more in-depth and intellectual level. I believe that through the course of my school and college life I have acquired many positive skills, which will be beneficial to me in later life. Studying English Language at University level will only enhance these skills, enhance my interest, and therefore prepare me well for the future.

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