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MA Masters English Language, Saudi

I grew up in a small village on one of the highest mountains in my country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since I was twelve years old, my principal dream has been to perfect my English skills as much as possible. I started learning English with a small red book which I still have until this day. By the time I finished high school, I found myself still very unsatisfied with the progress that I had made in terms of both my verbal and writing skills and I wanted very much to begin university studies in an English department. I was unable to do so, however, since the nearest college with an English program was too far away from my home. My family refused to relocate there on my behalf since a girl's education is seldom given top priority in my society. They also refused to allow me to move there by myself because I am a girl and they are supposed to remain closer to home. So, I ended up earning a diploma in Home Economics from a college in the city closest to where we lived.

Nevertheless, I continued my studies and went on to earn another degree in Computer Science. I never abandoned my original dream, however, of studying English at an advanced level, always believing that my dream would someday become a reality. Fortunately, one of my younger brothers enrolled in a university that did have an English department and I was able to persuade my family to allow me to go as well and I finally earned my BA Degree in English Language. During that period, I met an especially wonderful teacher with a Master's Degree in translation and she very much inspired me to continue my studies in this area and to work towards becoming a professional translator.

I have grown up bounded by very strict traditions and generally in the company of closed minds. I am achieving my liberation, however, as a result of my perseverance with English. Largely as a result of my work as a teaching assistant in the English department at a girls' college administered by XXXX University, I have been awarded a joint scholarship from the government and my university that will cover all of my expenses for completing a Master's Degree in Canada.

I want to study English literature because I believe that this will help me to become a very good translator. I am also looking forward to taking classes in the area of TESOL, however, and combining my interests in language instruction and literature. I am especially excited about the prospect of learning how English literature can be used to teach the English language. I have overcome many obstacles to arrive at the point where I am because I have a strong faith that God guided me from the very beginning, directing me towards a purpose.

I have become very comfortable here in Canada and my English skills have improved enormously; thus, I am very keen to begin studying in your program. I am here to prove for other Saudi girls that nothing is impossible if we have strong faith in the abilities that God has given us. In fact, my long term goal is to become the first woman to serve in the Ministry of Higher Education in my country.

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