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MPA, Environmental Affairs, Chinese Applicant

The Masters of Public Administration Program through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at XXXX University is the perfect place for me to continue to work towards my long term career goals of becoming an international consultant in the area of sustainable development and environmental responsibility. A young Chinese man with a background in economics and business and two internship experiences behind me, I now want very much to make further progress professionally and contribute to society and community. I just completed my undergraduate studies at IU Bloomington in Economics, May, 2015; earning the MPA Degree would all but ensure my success at entering a competitive international work force.

The XXXX community is very important to me, as a microcosm of the best of America; I am especially excited with how it is rapidly becoming a technology town as well as a cultural center. My karate instructor and spiritual guide recommended that I continue my studies through SPEA and I have fallen very much in love with his suggestion and the idea of continuing to work and study in XXXX for at least several more years, especially since the Internet is my strong suit and XXXX has increasing resources to offer someone like myself.

The XU campus is breathtakingly beautiful; I love riding my bike all around town as well as campus. Feeling the sense of community that I have cultivated here in XXXX reinforces my high level of motivation to devote my professional studies to the area of public service. My Economics professor as been a big inspiration both intellectually and in terms of human service because he developed his own organization that I help him with; we and others provide food and clothes to many members of the community who are homeless and this has resulted more than anything else in my coming to really feel that I am a part of XXXX.

My plan after graduation is to find a job in a large international non-profit firm, and then later moving into a management position. Further down the road, I plan to start my own nonprofit consulting firm specializing in helping organizations connect their money to their mission in the most innovative way possible, inspiring and empowering people to fulfill their social missions.

My problem solving skills in the social context have been cultivated my entire life as a result of the excellent education provided by both of my grandparents and my father who are all tenured professors in their field. The diversity of my intellectual background leads me to tackle large-scale issues and helps me to understand the complexity of the challenges that we face as we go about making the world a better place.

After completing your program I would probably look for a position as a financial advisor for an international non-profit firm such as Grant Thornton. I hope to distinguish myself, in particular, in the areas of Public Financial Administration and Economic Development and the Environment.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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