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I am writing this essay on behalf of my application to study in the MBA Program at XXXX University. I am a very dedicated and hard working woman from India who has lived in the United States since 2003. I feel that I am a strong candidate for your program since I have a doctoral degree in Environmental Sciences from XXXX University, in India, and many years of experience in my native country managing several businesses as well as doing research concerning theoretical and methodological issues related to the management of business information systems in India and on an international level. Now, I want very much to return to graduate school in America so as to better prepare myself as a business professional in the international arena.

I grew up in a loving and supportive family and have always kept myself busy in a myriad of social activities--before, during, and after college. I am most pleased that my M.S. Degree in Environmental Sciences was granted with distinction. Primarily as a result of doing quite well on the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), I was accepted to the Ph.D. program in one of India's most prestigious institutes of technology. Unfortunately, however, as a result of family problems, I was not able to leave my home town at that time. So, I entered and completed the Ph.D. Program at XXXX University in my home town, where I was given a full scholarship.

Most of what I have done here in America has been to organize Indian classical dance programs and cultural festivals.This has served me well insofar as I have been constantly developing my communication and organizational skills as a leader. Immediately following completion of my Ph.D., I married, came to the USA, and began working as a manager for XXXX Corp., a physicians group, where I am still employed. My responsibilities have included managing physicians schedules and marketing their medical services. We also developed a clinical research organization that I have helped to market, negotiating financial budgets with drug companies, managing the budget, recruiting employees and collaborating with ongoing research investigations. I am also a study coordinator for one of the studies. Most recently, I have been moving into the area of nursing home management and will soon qualify for a nursing home administrator license.

Attaining an MBA would help to provide me with the tools that I need to realize my long term goal of someday returning to India and helping my family's businesses to grow and prosper as a result of better organizational management. I also have the dream of networking and lobbying on behalf of India's most poor, since defending the poor is central to my social vision of the future. Most particularly, I look forward to helping poor Indian woman establish small businesses to sustain themselves.


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