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MSN FNP Family Nurse Practitioner, Women's Health

I am a young woman from Florida who was raised in Fr. Lauderdale. I have been working very hard for many years now preparing myself for an MSN program. I now live in Clearwater and the University of XXXX is a convenient location for me. I also very much respect the research directions of the faculty in domestic violence and transcultural health assessments since my special concern is with the fact that many women, especially minority women, represent a very vulnerable medical population that is in dire need of education and protection. My two undergraduate degrees, a B.A. in the Social Sciences as well an Associates Degree in Nursing Science have provided me with an intellectual foundation that greatly stimulates my curiosity and makes it natural for me to want to learn more. At 29, I feel it is time to go to graduate school, the optimal point in my life, when I have both the maturity and the energy for a full time learning experience. On a professional level, I believe that my character is well suited for being a nursing professional, the kind of person that can easily establish a rapport and sense of trust with patients of various ages, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as with peers, physicians and support personnel.

My professional goal is to become a family nurse practitioner and I look forward to developing a long term emphasis on women's health. I am especially interested in this are because, as a woman, I understand the confusion and vulnerability that women often feel when going for their routine OB/GYN visits. I am bothered by the way that many women are often seen by MD's who rush through the exams and fail to take the necessary time to adequately explain what is happening to the client in layman's terminology, and without sufficient compassion, responding to questions and taking an interest in the client. I am especially attracted to the idea of working in family planning/safe sexual practices especially with teenage girls since I would find it especially fulfilling to work with this particularly vulnerable population in need of support, compassion, and education. I very much look forward to a fulfilling professional life as a family nurse practitioner in private practice or working for Planned Parenthood.

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