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MS Masters Food Science, Safety

Having reached a point in my professional career where I feel I have exhausted every path of opportunity and challenge at my current scholastic level, I am eager to embark upon the next chapter in the only field of academics that has ever brought me the greatest level of personal and professional satisfaction: Food Science. For years, I have been fascinated by the seemingly miraculous application of technology to the social issues and problems that scientists and politicians alike face concerning food science and nutrition. When things go wrong, as just this XXX with the salmonella outbreak from peanut-butter-based products in XXX, or the recent epidemic of swine flu, food scientists/technologists are called upon for answers, guidance and future checks and balances. In less extreme moments, consumers take for granted the input of food science in their daily lives. That level of assurance and confidence in the safety of the food they consume translates into a sacred trust in my mind. To their continued safety and peace of mind, I will give all that I am.

For over a decade, I have proven my trans-systemic academic performance biochemistry, botany, zoology and chemistry reflecting a zeal for the sciences, as well as a solid grasp of scientific principles, proven and tempered by extensive research and industrial experiences. Working equally well autonomously or as a part of multidisciplinary teams of scientists and supporting staff, I have systematically advanced into positions with increasing responsibility, culminating with my managerial experience in a small-scale food industry applying science to the solving of real-world issues. Achieving this position would have been impossible without having first completed years of research chemist work with a pharmaceutical company. Moreover, my managerial experience has increased my interpersonal and communication skills, self-efficacy, as well as being goal-oriented within an environment that is definitively deadline oriented. Working within the commercial food industry gave me the chance to identify the needs of my company, design solutions to current industrial and consumer issues and implement them, while maintaining a critical eye on minimizing cost, and maximizing productivity and therefore customer satisfaction. The work was challenging and dynamic and I was all the more eager to take the next step, for myself, the benefit of my company and the people we serve.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the extenuating circumstances that led to the extended amount of time it took to complete my undergraduate degree, and subsequently not complete my graduate exams. In the pursuit of an undergraduate degree, my father suffered a lengthy period of ill health, and it was I who attended to the majority of his daily needs. At the time, the impact was tremendous and I did not attend my undergraduate exams regularly, returning to my studies three years later. I experienced the same anxiety when approaching my graduate finals. It has taken me several years to get to the point I am at now, emotionally and psychologically prepared for the opportunity and challenge of a quality graduate program. Proof of my seriousness is evident in my having spent several years developing my professional exposure in the field. Moreover, the fact that I did not sit my graduate finals did not in any way impact the quality of my academic biochemistry experiences. Furthermore, my professional career has exposed me to specific areas that I want to explore further, and in greater depth, the impetus for my pursuing a Masters in Food Science.

The University XXX program stood out from the background noise of other schools. The Procter Department is simply the finest in its league, perhaps in the world, and would bring me an unsurpassed educational experience, not just with impressive faculty, but accomplished student body, and excellent access to resources and research centres. The curriculum alone represents a breadth, autonomy and relevance that no other school can touch. I look forward with great eagerness to this next chapter of my life. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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