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MA Online, Health Care Administration

Born and raised in Beirut Lebanon, a suffering country, I have long been deeply troubled by the way that so many so often suffer from the lack of adequate health care. Both in my native country as well as Dubai, where I live currently, I have come to the conclusion on the basis of careful observation, that our health care systems could be greatly improved as a contributing to the diversity of Walden and I feel strongly that one of the strongest aspects but French as well. I am confident that my multi-cultural capacity and multi-lingual abilitiesI am a diverse woman of 40 who has seen much of the world, living in Europe for example for long periods of time. Throughout my life I have had a deep concern for the issue of medical malpractice. Having had friends and close associates who were victims of malpractice helped to fuel my interest in this area. Thus, I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of health quality management with an eye to the avoidance of medical malpractice. And I would very much like to someday more or less be in charge of quality control at an institution that I manage as the director of a medical department.

My long term goal is to work as a medical administrator in an institution where my another for this long term goal throughout my entire life. I am highly confident, driven, very highly motivated, and, perhaps most of all, a very hard worker. I am also distinguished by my high level of organizational skills that I have constantly refined over the years with great diligence. Being an administrator comes very naturally for me and I greatly enjoy it. In my current position, for example, I process required documentation and information from a variety of sources in order to support ongoing business activities for the company that I work for and out associates. Some of my primary duties are to collate, extract, and/or summarize data and produce standard reports, schedules, summaries and business letters all in the correct format and style.

I have also established myself as a genuine people person with excellent communication skills that I have long had the opportunity to practice on a daily basis through liaisons with internal customers and/or external agencies on the telephone and/or in writing, clarify facts and resolving issues, queries and/or problems. Much of my experience has been to organize, attend and minute meetings as required in order to support the effective functioning of decision making forums. I schedule appointments, co-ordinate complex travel and accommodation arrangements and produce itineraries as required which optimize the use of management time. And I organize and manage MD's schedule, files, and all related confidential information and documents. I thank you for consideration of my application.


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