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Master’s Global Business Journalism, Korean

During my studies to date I have become increasingly interested in the vital subject of the potential of emerging economies, especially in East Asia, and the barriers that might prevent that potential from being fulfilled. I am convinced that the sharing of timely and accurate information and of educated opinion, as widely as possible, and the encouragement of debate and opinion-sharing will be among the most important means of ensuring a smooth and effective integration of emerging economies into the global market place. I see the program as a means to enable me to assist in this vital process.

My ultimate goal is to work in the public advisory field in Korea, and undertaking a public relations or a journalistic role to inform private investors/potential investors about notable movements in the economies of the East Asia region and their implications and so to assist them in making prudent financial decisions.

I am aware that the field of emerging economies and related communication on the subject is a complex area of study and work calling for specialist knowledge in several areas and uncommon skills among its practitioners. My resume will provide the reader with an assurance of my strong academic ability and potential, I have an impressive GPA in my current program of study. The program that I am currently pursuing is directly relevant to the program and the knowledge and skills acquired will I believe enable me to bring very useful and relevant perspectives and insights to the GBJ program. I have acquired analytical, technical and research skills that will provide a good basis for success. Courses that I have taken include ‘Research Tools and Technologies for Social Sciences’, ‘Research Methods’, and ‘Social Statistics’. I have familiarized myself with the use Excel, Stata and ArcGis together with various statistical tests. I was also entrusted with organizing FDI and ODA inflow statistics during my internship at the Hudson Institute which provided me with the opportunity to extend my familiarity with the organization and interpretation of financial data.

My studies, research and work to date have been focused on public policy and social relations. I cannot claim a background in finance/business nor journalism except for some exposure in the field of student journalism. However I have undertaken substantial informal study in these areas and have familiarized myself with specific data on capital movements through research and internships on ODA and FDI. My background has also provided me with significant research experience and the skills and characteristics of a good researcher are directly transferable and will, I believe, enable me to assist in useful research in the program. I hope that it might be possible to develop my current research relating to the level of technological localization in China’s IT industry.

My senior honors thesis compares the relationship between development models in Chongqing and Shenzhen, and I plan to tweak and expand my current research on local Chinese IT enterprises and their internal structures. My academic background has also equipped me with an understanding of the ‘big picture’ of the global economic system as well as the interactions between different actors, the public, governments, NGO’s etc., which provides me with considerable relevant knowledge of the analytical processes involved in examining the ‘big picture’.

I am aware that accurate interpretation of data calls for intuitive, as well as purely technical skills. A computer can ‘read’ but as yet only a human can ‘read between the lines’ and possibly see potential connections in apparently unconnected pieces of data. I also understand that over-reliance on statistics that might be months old can be a problematic and that it is important to have one’s ‘ear to the ground’ to supplement official information; for instance a taxi-driver whose brother has a local haulage firm may be able to provide information that is more current than the latest official statistics and may contradict them on, say, the level and type of local production.

I believe that my language skills will be of particular use in this field of work and study. I am fluent in Korean, English and Chinese which are particularly relevant to my particular interest in the East Asia region. I have lived in New Zealand, China, Korea and the US and have consequently developed a very flexible approach to life. I have studied, worked and socialized with people from many ethnic and social backgrounds. I am a very curious person who greatly enjoys learning about other cultures and in sharing knowledge of my own. I am socially confident with a well-developed sense of humor.

The curriculum coincides closely with my own areas of interest and my career aims. I am also very impressed by the international make-up of a prestigious faculty and the success of its graduates. Of all the master’s programs that I have considered, your own appears to be a ‘perfect fit’ for my purposes.

I can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with great enthusiasm and diligence to the program, if successful, and will seek ultimately to ‘add luster’ to its already prestigious reputation.

Thank you for considering my application.

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