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Prosthodontics Masters: Christian, Iran

Born and raised in Iran and now studying dentistry in California, I am fortunate to understand well the meaning of truth and the importance of peace. I feel that a smile is very important to preserving the peace and I hope to be accepted to your program so as to be able to better help people to smile; and thus, better able to preserve the peace in their home, with their spouse, teach their children about peace, and respect their country. I am Christian, not Muslim, despite the fact that I am from Iran; but I think the greatest strength of XXXX University is the fact that this makes no difference. What is important is peace through truth and outreach toward healing, irrespective of one's religion. We are all sons and daughters of God, and smiling as a result of a clean heart is good for us all. Yet, some are stronger than others, not all have clean hearts, and smiling is more difficult for some than others. It is also important to realize our limitations and focus on what we can do best, each and every one of us. And "the truth" is that I am more interested in dentistry than either religion, politics, or anything else with the exception of my family and I want to work on their teeth too.

Receiving my D.D.S. in Dentistry in Tehran in 1997, I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to permanently relocate to California, not because I do not love and respect my country of origin, but because I also love and respect America, especially California. It is here that I am building my dreams upon the strength of the foundation that I received at home. Part of that foundation is spiritual. There are many Christians in Iran; this is just not common knowledge. Senator Barack Obama is often mistaken for Muslim, for example, and this has happened to me as well. My greatest strength comes from having been persecuted for my belief in my Lord Jesus Christ, myself and my people.

What I would most like to do with my professional life, the greatest spiritual reward that I might be able to attain, is to help elderly patients who do not have any teeth especially the medically under-deserved. I love grandfathers and grandmothers and to want to give them a healthy life through fixed or removable dentures. XXXX University is my first choice because they have a very up-to-date program in Prosthodontics that covers not only all aspects of fixed and removable dentures but also implants.

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