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Blog posts : "Art Masters MFA"

MFA Masters Fine Art, Mexican-American

I am a Mexican American woman born and raised in Texas and familiar with much of the US Southwest. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education awarded by UTXX. I am a native-speaker of both English and Spanish. As my youthful identity solidified, I became first and foremost an artist, which is how I…

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MFA Masters Art, Multi-Media, Theater

I am a man of highly diverse interests in art and service to humanity. I had planned to become a veterinarian and thus attended the University of XXXX, spending two years studying Zoology. Following two years of obligatory military service, I relocated to Canada in 1995. Since then, I have been wo…

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MFA Masters Fine Art, Visual Arts

Throughout my academic and professional careers, I have maintained over a decade of conceptual continuity, developing myself as an artist and an international art industry professional. Indeed, my entire life has been spent living in many different countries across three continents, and later, thro…

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MFA Art, Spirituality, Creation

I have reached a point in my scholastic and professional careers where I have exhausted every path of challenge and opportunity at my current academic level. Ever since completing my BFA, I have believed and known that the ideal would be to complete my MFA. Having built my exposure in the field, I …

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