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MS Computer Science, Software, Food & Drug

I am especially proud of the fact that I learned how to design software by myself, going far beyond anything that I learned as an undergraduate student earning my degree in Computer Science. I have always struggled to combine my creativity with independence and this has helped to make my software highly unique and most distinct from the work of other developers. I have succeeded over the years as a result of my very high level of motivation and a lot of hard work. While I enjoy working at my current position immensely as a Senior Programmer for the XXXX Food and Drug Authority, and I appreciate the high level of responsibility that I bear, nevertheless, I feel strongly that I need to further my education by earning an advanced degree in order to advance in my career.

I am applying to the XXXX School of Engineering at UXX in order to earn my Master’s Degree in Computer Science at one of the world’s foremost communications and technology centers. I see your program as unparalleled with respect to scope and sophistication as well as having especially critical resources, most notably the UXX Center for Systems and Software Engineering. I look forward with keen anticipation to learning from as many of your faculty members as possible. I especially admire the biography and pioneering accomplishments of Professor XXXX in Software Engineering.

I first became particularly passionate about graphics and design even prior to my college career as a Computer Science major. What I enjoy most is a combination of design and software development. I am never happier than I am when I am working long hours to make software easier to use and look great. Planning is everything and I excel at this stage, prior to development. App development for the IPhone is what I do in my free time as an adult, instead of playing video games which I so enjoyed as a child and adolescent. Psychologically, they fulfill much the same drive to stay occupied, creative, and most of all productive, as well as entertaining.

My father and older brother are both physicians and they encouraged me to join them in this profession. I went so far as to get accepted to one of the most prestigious medical schools in Saudi Arabia and then changed my mind, instead earning my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and following my passion. I have always enjoyed how computers and related technology make our lives easier. So I decided to be one of those people who dedicated their lives to making the world a better—faster, easier, cleaner—place to live through the advancement of technology. Having always been inspired by photography becoming a self-taught master of Adobe Photoshop was a natural. For years, I have done extensive freelance work for many companies, groups and organizations and this has served to greatly improve my skills, constantly surmounting one challenge after another. I look forward, in particular, to putting my design skills to good use making applications with increasingly creative graphical interfaces. These past six months, for example, I have been working on a free app on the iOS App Store called “XXXX”, which is a tool to calculate debts among groups of people with shared expenses.

My thesis project to graduate in June of 2007 from King Saud University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences was a web-based smart gift choosing system using several artificial intelligence technologies such as a decision tree and machine learning. After three months, I was hired by the XXXX as a Programmer on the recommendation of the Vice Dean of the Computer Sciences and Information College to the IT Sector Head. I have now worked on many projects for my employer, the most important of which was the development of the human resources management system, which manages all employee-related tasks, such as leaves, permissions, payroll, and employee development.  After gaining some experience at my job, I proposed to my management the idea of having an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) system to combine all the internal systems together into one system. The project was eventually approved and I was made the Project Manager. In May 2015, I delivered the first component of the project, Human Resource Management and Payrolls.

In January of 2015 my management offered me a fully paid scholarship to study in the USA and they will hold my position until I earn the Master’s Degree and return. After I complete your distinguished program, I will return to my country and continue working for my employer. After gaining several more years experience, I hope to go to work on large international projects as a Project Manager. I have also enjoyed serving as a principal Organizer on Riyadh Google Technology User Group known as (XXXX) which is a community run by passionate individuals seeking to learn about Google’s new development platforms and technologies.

A well traveled young man who is physically fit and energetic, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as an Arab man from the Middle East and I also  look forward to learning from the diverse student population in your graduate program at UXX as we share notes and strategies, especially concerning Application Graphical Interface Design. I have been to the USA on 4 occasions for lengthy visits and I now live in Los Angeles where I have spent the past several months improving my English through full immersion experience in and out of the classroom..

 I thank you for considering my application to your very special program at UXX. 

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