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Master's Degree Multimedia, Taiwanese

Born and raised in Taiwan, I have now become a young woman living as part of international developments in media and technology.  I am especially devoted to the study of networking and telecommunications, eating, sleeping, and breathing everything having to do with the media. I am looking forward to a very rigorous immersion in the host of issues associated with global communications and especially look forward to continuing to study multimedia production through 3G and SNS. For the long term, I hope to someday become a News Director. I have now had the invaluable experience of living in Los Angeles and New York as well as Tokyo and I have learned a great deal about media developments in all three locations, contributing to my appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism.

 I feel strongly that the greatest contribution that I might be able to make to make to Taiwanese society upon my return would be to contribute to making multimedia production more competitive in Taiwan. I am also most excited about the rising demand for multimedia professionals in Taiwan and, thus, most keen about beginning your well-integrated coursework covering major current trends in multimedia and technology, marketing, and management. After I accomplishing my further study in the U.S, I will apply my background to make contributions to the development of multimedia in Taiwan.

 Since my undergraduate years, I have developed a special focus on multimedia news production, earning straight A’s primarily as a result of my keen interest in the subject matter. I have worked professionally in the direction of events, camera operation, program setup, and audio system operation. At I have had the opportunity to practice leadership skills, successfully leading my team for the production of increasingly creative shows. I was responsible for the entire technical system and have, as always, done a thoroughly professional job in collaboration with the technical director.

 I am especially attracted to the program at XXXX University because of the way that your program provides an especially rich variety of courses in diverse areas of multimedia studies including hardware development, multimedia software development, and business basics in multimedia. I look forward to advancing numerous aspects of my professional competence in your program, including greater creativity with digital imaging, interactive production, and audio production. Completing your program will allow me to complete a thorough education in precisely those aspects of multimedia studies which fascinate me the most and provide me with a solid grounding in the long evolution of information across a variety of media types. Finally, I will also become much more savvy through a comprehensive exposure the gambit of issues involved in multimedia as business. I plan to return to Taiwan to work for a news station doing multimedia production research and development, and hope to someday find myself in charge of overall planning, paving the way for new generations of competitiveness in Taiwan’s multimedia production development.

  I thank you very much for considering my application to your program, which I assure you is my first choice for graduate study for a variety of reasons.

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