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MA OT Occupational Therapy, Geriatrics

I want to become an OT professional because we work with patients of all ages, helping them with everything from using a computer to getting bathed and dressed, on the one Therapy goes beyond physical rehabilitation. I search for exercises that may be employed to help increase a patient's strength, especially their ability to manipulate and handle objects successfully, hand-eye coordination; many patients need help rehabilitating their eyesight. The rehabilitation or management of a memory loss is a common need, particularly in the elderly. An OT may need to create basic lessons for a patient, in which the patient is challenged to recall a short list of items. An OT must be able to utilize specialized computer software that aids in the rehabilitation of patients in specific areas such as decision-making skills, solve simple problems, aid in the ability to think abstractly, putting simple shapes or numbers into a logical order.

An OT must keep meticulous records of their patient's progress, particularly with regards to therapies utilized. This area is of paramount importance as an OT is obligated to keep physicians and other medical professionals informed, and relevant information is key to the continued success of the patient's progress or for the development of alternative approaches in the case of a patient's regression.

The work for an OT is a physically demanding job, and an OT oftentimes spends hours at a time on their feet. The home health care worker naturally spends a great deal of their time driving between patients. These two elements alone can lead an OT to develop problems with neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or repetitive motion injuries, especially those OT's that aid in the mobility of patients.

Aside from academic requirements, an OT needs to be able to offer compassionate care, executing their work with patience. The OT has to have exceptional interpersonal skills, creating trusting relationships with their patients. While the work has an OT on their feet literally, they must also be able to think on their feet, be inventive and creative in their approach as not every patient will respond in the same way to the same therapy. Adaptability is key, especially in the case of the home care specialist, who must be able to work in different settings. The OT who works in in-home care is bringing healthcare to the patient and makes patients aware of resources. This is why I so very much appreciate your consideration of my application to your program.

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