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Blog posts : "Psychiatry Residency"

Residency Psychiatry, Addictions

When people ask me, Why are you going into psychiatry? I have a simple response. Because it's what I love to do, it has always seemed to be what comes most naturally. Combining my medical school education, clinical rotations, and work experiences with my profound love of life provides me with a stro…

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Residency Psychiatry, MPH Degree

British physician John Brown said it best when he said. It is not a case we are treating; it is a living, palpitating, too often suffering fellow creature. For me, this sentiment captures the role and responsibility of doctors not just in providing treatment to patients but also in living out their …

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Residency in Psychiatry, Canada

He was just 11 at the time it happened. Until that tragic day, he had led a prominent, even famous life within an affluent Canadian family. The car accident left his body a shattered quadriplegic with cerebral palsy due to an anoxic brain injury. While his mom and dad survived more favorably, physic…

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