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MA Masters I/O, African-American Social Justice

I am a young black woman who is very cosmopolitan in my outlook. My greatest strengths include my open mind and receptiveness and curiosity about all other cultures; I am someone who relishes multi-cultural experiences and diversity. While my mother is African American, my father is from Trinidad which has provided me with a Caribbean, Third World flavor. I am interested in questions of social justice and human rights, yet I am a pragmatist who also very much wants to support economic development and the growth of industry and trade. I have made my decision to pursue Industrial/ Organizational (I/O) Psychology because it is one of the fastest growing areas for the application of professional life of fulfilling service and I am convinced that the XXXX School is the program that is best tailored to my interests and long term aspirations.

I am fully confident that The XXXX Program will provide me with the optimal tools for solving organizational problems, learning how to constantly grow professionally in today's global, multicultural work environment. My long term goal is to someday become a free lance, industrial psychologist, working for a broad variety of companies across the globe. As a person of color and as a woman, I am interested in minority concerns and gender issues in the workplace. I look forward to developing training programs that help workers and supervisors to develop heightened understandings of and respect for each other. At the same time that I assist companies in becoming more profitable especially in the long term I want to help them develop more humane faces, with more satisfied and more loyal employees. I want to assist in the creation of more healthy work environments that are conducive to higher productivity. The full realization of my dreams and professional vision would someday include hiring other free lance industrial organizational psychologists to attend to my client base. I am convinced that the XXXX School I/O Psychology Program will be my wisest move, so as to attain the kind of position that I need to advance professionally in my area of expertise, accumulating professional experience in certain critical areas. My long term, passionate interest in gender issues as well as psychology moved me to complete my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies. I am now enormously excited about graduate school; I have a refined passion for so many aspects of psychology, in particular, theories of group psychology, performance appraisal, job satisfaction assessment, and executive training. I look forward to doing research in the areas of organizational assessment and intervention and I am very interested in group development and diversity, especially with respect to the food and hospitality industry.

I feel very strongly that I possess the skill sets that are most important for success in graduate school: determination, global awareness, and a profound desire to make a significant contribution to the psychology community. At 24, I am already accustomed to working hard, long hours, having been a waitress and bartender for the last six years. I am grateful that my love for people will now move to a higher plane of service, laboring to enhance the humanity and dignity of the corporate environment. The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to share in the creation of work environments where employees learn how to best support themselves and their families in a pleasant and healthy environment that is facilitated by the company and its human resources staff. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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