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MA Psychology, Teacher, Sign Language

The dynamics of Psychology affect our everyday life and behaviour,this is what me so interested in the subject. From an early age, I often wondered why we act as we do and what effects us as we grow up. I always had a strong interest as to why people were so different even though genetically, everyone is similar. I have thoroughly enjoyed the subject, especially conformity. It fascinates me as it portrays how strong peer pressure can be and I believe this is the main subject that deals with why we act the way we do. We conform everyday, offering a wide knowledge on behaviour. I am enjoying studying how the body and mind work and why certain things affect certain people. I find it useful on a personal basis as it can be used to explain many problems such as how illness is connected to stress.

For 9 years I have aspired to be a teacher. After studying psychology, I am certain that is what I wish to do for the rest of my life. After a weeks work experience at Mill Lodge primary school, I decided I did not want to teach such young students, however, it made me certain that I want to pursue a career in teaching. My work experience increased my patience with children and gave me a wide overview of types of students. For a year and a half I have worked in Tesco, helping my patience and confidence, which was once lacking, has improved, showing a large expanse of people skills, with customers and staff members, giving me the experience of working as a team.

Active participation in school life has also been rewarding. Whilst at Light Hall, I helped with projects run by the school. From February 2005 onwards, I was commended for supporting special needs pupils from Hazel Oak School by helping with IT work. I assisted one teacher and one pupil in helping them create various IT projects. This boosted my enthusiasm to be a teacher. From a young age I played netball, playing for 7 years in total in the position of goal keeper. In Year 11, I taught students in years 7-9 how to play to the best of their abilities. However, I had to give up this hobby when starting college due to other commitments and desire to start extra courses. Regardless, I am determined to begin this hobby once again.

I was part of the student council at Light Hall, additionally attending meetings with the head teacher and other senior staff. In year 11, the 'Student Voice' was introduced where two students from each year, including myself, were selected to speak to the school's board of governors. At college, I joined the student council again. In my first year, I was nominated as a member of my form to be in the student council and I was then asked to attend a 'faculty meeting' every so often with my head of faculty and other students. However, in my second year I am part of a small group of around 10 students in the year who are the 'executive'. My role is Environmental Officer, something I am proud to be representing and passionate about as it is a problem which is being discussed globally and I am happy to do my bit to help. At college and school I participated in Open Evenings. I then proceeded to help on a 'Welcome to College Day,' speaking to students about the benefits of taking Sign Language as part of a Enrichment course and then advertised the student council whilst guiding new students.

One of my main strengths is Sign Language. I began a course with CACDP in year 12, sustaining a qualification of Level 1 in BSL. As a form of work experience, I will be helping students this year with their Level 1 studies. Overall, I am a committed and reliable student with passion about education. Taster days at universities (Warwick, Oxford and Birmingham) made me certain that university is the ideal environment for me to enhance my studies. I feel this course will lead me to success. After Higher Education, I plan to study psychology further and become a teacher of Psychology in colleges, hopefully giving students the chance to share my keen interest in Psychology.

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