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MA Master Psychology, A-Level

'We are all psychologists attempting to understand other people and ourselves.' There is great truth in this statement, however I want to take this further and explore the mind and the essence of the human condition.

We all question or try to make sense of life. I believe that through its many perspectives, psychology has those answers. Psychology is accessible because not only is it a scientific study of thought and behaviour, it is also an art that can be applied by the individual to everyday life.

Although I did not chose Psychology as one of my AS subjects, I feel that my current studies have prepared me for such a course. Science and maths have improved my observational and analytical skills, strengthening my ability to interpret data and allowing me to draw logical answers. English literature has developed my ability to think critically and it was through the exploration of character that I increased my interest in psychology.

I recently attended Advanced Master Classes in all my A-level subjects. These classes have helped to accelerate my learning and increase my confidence in my achievement.

As psychology is an integrated part of philosophy, I was able further to my interests in both by attending a philosophy club at my school.

Here, I debated topical issues and learnt to articulate my views as well as considering and respecting the views of others. Since I decided that Psychology would be my choice I have begun reading around the subject. I read the Psychology Review magazine and I have read other introductory books.

I enjoy making a contribution to school life, which has included being elected Chairperson of the school's council and introducing an Anti-Bullying Policy; setting up and organising a reading scheme for Year sevens; helping Year nine pupils study for their SATs and mentoring a GCSE student. Presently I am on the Sixth Form Committee.

These activities have been a challenging and maturing process, enhancing my interpersonal and communication skills.

I have received many academic awards and certificates for excellent performance and effort in all my school subjects. I enjoy sports and have represented my school in netball and athletic tournaments, gaining first, second and third place medals and certificates. I have also achieved my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award and I am aiming towards my Silver level award.

I take a great interest in literature and in producing my own pieces of work. I enjoy performing arts as well, such as dance and music. I have performed dances, which I helped choreograph, sung and played steel pans in many school concerts and presentations. I also took part in a reachout dance project at the Studio Theatre, where I performed a South Asian, Modern and Contemporary Dance with the dance group Imlata. I completed a ten-week course at the Soho Theatre and Script Writer's Centre, where I learned about the basic structure of writing a play and produced my own pieces of work. I enjoy reading, traveling, socialising, trips to the theatre, eating out, learning and understanding new cultures and different perspectives in life and meeting new people.

I would describe myself as a success driven, self-disciplined, conscientious and hard working student. However, the thing I feel I have gained most out of my school experience is confidence and self-belief.

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