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MA Psychology, Martial Arts

I have chosen to study Psychology in order to fulfil a long-term interest in the complexity of human behaviour and psyche. I would like to study within Scotland because I will be able to gain some independence from the family yet, I will be close enough to visit easily.

From reading books at home, and regularly watching documentaries on the television, I have aided my growing interest in the field of psychology. I enjoy studying Psychology at college because it involves a wide variety of subjects such as: English, Biology, Chemistry and Maths, (4 of the 5 Highers I sat last year).

While in fourth year, I attended my work experience week at Bridge of Weir Leather Co. It proved to be a worthwhile week in that I received a valuable insight into laboratory work and how tests are carried out in the workplace.

I am currently assisting the teachers at Clippens School for the disabled in Linwood. I am in a class with young autistic children, and I find the work very enjoyable. I have gained a lot of experience in how autism affects behaviour and personality, and have made many new young friends.

I think one interesting application of psychology in business is advertising and the media. I find that the psychology behind some adverts can be very intriguing, and shows that the subject is very significant in today's media. I believe that psychology is an indispensable subject in that the wealth of information still to be uncovered will be of great usefulness.

This year I hope to achieve my target grades, (2 A'sM; 2 B's), and I am currently putting in a lot of effort in order to ensure these targets are met. Whenever I have free time I spend it playing the guitar or practising with my band. I have a keen interest in Martial Arts, and I have taken up Judo and Jeet Kune Do.

I have lived in and visited several different countries including New Zealand and Indonesia. This experience has resulted in a growing curiosity in other cultures. I believe that this has broadened my experience in this area and is likely to make me a more rounded and valuable employee.

I have no doubt that University will be a challenging, yet fulfilling part of my life, and hopefully will be the beginning of a successful career. I hope that this application indicates that I am a strong candidate for your University.

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