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MPH, Nutrition, Dietetics, Saudi Woman

I see higher-education as a transforming experience that deepens one's sense of appreciation for public service. My profound desire for human fulfillment through service to others caused me to focus early on in the area of nutrition. I have been drawn to study in this area because it strikes me of such basic or fundamental importance to public health. Faced with the difficult decision of where to continue my studies, I have decided on XXXX University as my first choice. As a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia, I feel most comfortable at an educational institution that has a deep respect for faith in God. I am the type of liberal Muslim who is very comfortable with inter-faith worship, among Christians, Jews, Muslims and the members of other faiths as well. I like the fact that XXXX University is a Seventh-day Adventist health sciences institution in the Christian tradition seeking to advance the work of Jesus to make men whole. I would like to contribute to this through my study and subsequent professional labors in the area of nutrition. I am especially attracted to XXXX's mission to combine the awesome power of faith with the intellectual power of science. I very much look forward to working with an institution that seeks to transform the lives of the people they teach and touch with healing care.

I am presently studying at a Catholic school, the College of XXXX in Morristown, New Jersey. I started the Master's Program in Food and Dietetics on the first of January of this year, 2007, and I am scheduled to graduate in December of 2008. The problem that I have is that for some reason and I honestly do not know why the Ministry of Higher Education of the Government of Saudi Arabia, which pays my expenses through a scholarship fund, has removed the College of Saint Elizabeth from its list of approved programs. XXXX, however, remains on the list of approved programs. And I ask you to please let me transfer from my present program to the MPH Program at XXXX. I have competed 24 hours of credit at XXXX, and if I cannot transfer any of this credit to XXXX, I would be happy to view what I have done so far at the College of XXXX as an excellent, valuable, and beautiful experience that has helped to prepare me for my studies at XXXX.

Issues surrounding community and public health nutrition have been my central occupation for several years. I aspire to a leadership position in this area in my native Saudi Arabia because I see so much critical work that needs to be done in this area. I long to return to my native country some day to perform valuable research in the assessment of community nutrition needs and nutritional resource planning coupled with a multi-pronged approach to health promotion and the struggle to prevent diseases. I also appreciate Loma Linda's multidisciplinary perspective on public health. I am especially fascinated by the physiological mechanisms involved in the relationship between diet and disease in the context of the impact of dietary practices on human health, the environment, and ecology. I am anxious to gain a better understanding of the most effective tools and strategies to assess the nutritional status and problems associated with individuals and groups. And I also have a special interest in the application of management principles to the administration of nutrition programs and services. I hope to dedicate myself to meeting the didactic and supervised practice requirements that are necessary in order to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) in the United States. I am looking forward to practicums and developing and implementing projects related to public health nutrition practice.

I am from Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, and the fact that I chose to study towards the BS Degree in Community Health and Nutrition shows that I have been dedicated to these issues now for some time. Graduating from the King Saud University College of Applied Medical Science is looked upon with great honor in my country and I am proud of this accomplishment, based on many years of very hard work, working long hours. I am already a Registered Dietitian in Saudi Arabia, and achieving this credential in the United States would serve me well back home in terms of access to a leadership position where I could be of instrumental importance to the struggle to improve the nutritional standards of my people. Ten years from now I would like to be a professor in a University Department of Public Health Department, serving the public primarily through ongoing research initiatives in the area of nutrition. I already have considerable working experience in Saudi Arabia working as a dietitian in hospitals where I often volunteered to work on holidays as well. I see these two years of work experience that I enjoyed as a great privilege and it greatly strengthened my dedication to goal of becoming a fully professional nutritionist. I am someone who has traveled to many places and loves cultural diversity. I have visited Greece, France, Switzerland and Dubai, as well as lengthy visit to England, working on my English. I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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