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PHD Doctorate Public Policy, Puerto Rico

Politics has been my central fascination since adolescence. Now at 23, I find myself becoming even more mesmerized by political thinking, with a growing maturity and pragmatism that locates me within the area of discourse of Public Policy and Administration. I have a progressive mentality and I am someone who likes to reflect on social change; and I dream of contributing to social change in meaningful ways on a structural level.

As a black, Puerto Rican man, I am especially concerned with Latino and other minority issues, as well as Latin American concerns, especially the way in which Latinos generally face an uphill battle in the public sphere. Born and raised in San Juan, I did my B.A. in Political Science with a minor in French and graduated magna cum laude from the University of XXXX. As a result of my current Master's studies at Central Michigan University, to be graduating in May of 2008 in Public Administration (GPA 3.88), I feel that I am a strong candidate for your program.

My first choice for graduate study is the XXXX School of Public Policy because of my intense attraction to your new doctoral program that enables students to pursue a joint Ph.D. with Public Policy and Political Science. I see your program as the perfect solution to this pull between my idealistic and theoretical purely intellectual interests, on the one hand, and my pragmatic side, on the other, the part of me that is most concerned with practical professional applications.

By achieving a simultaneous doctoral degree in both Political Science and Public Policy, I have confidence that I will arrive at the type of integral scholar that I aspire to become, someone who would be able to make his fullest contribution to the advancement of social science in pragmatic or applied directions built upon a solid theoretical foundation. I am especially attracted to the way that study in your interdisciplinary program combines the policy focus of the Ford school with world renowned departments in the social sciences.

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