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Master’s Real Estate Development, Latino, Mexico

I am a Latino real estate professional who has been working in the industry since my graduation from college with dual degrees in Management and International Business in 2001. Since then I have been devoting myself almost exclusively to real estate development, both in Miami and Mexico City.  Over the course of these past 15 years, I have been exposed to a broad variety of challenges in the Real Estate Development Industry, almost all of which I have met with my utmost strength and dedication, generally overcoming the obstacle.  Where I have failed, I have learned a great deal from my mistakes.

While my mother is originally from Cuba, my father was born in the US to a Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother.  Both of my parents, however, fell in love with Mexico City early on and it has been our second home for decades. Attending school for years growing up in Mexico helped me to develop an identity of being Latino that incorporates several ethnic varieties. I have long dedicated myself to building upon each one. I now see both Miami and Mexico City as my permanent homes and I have supplemented my experiences at home by travel to Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, Bahamas, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Maldives, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Cambodia.

I hold three current professional positions serving as a Managing Partner with ATMA Real Estate Network, the CEO of Inverproperties LLC - both organizations dedicated to multifamily units; I am also a partner in and serve as the General Manager of Grupo Inverproperties S.A. de C.V. where I develop new shopping center models for Mexico.

XXXX University’s Masters in Real Estate Online is my first choice for graduate study because of the in-depth character of your curriculum. I see it as the flagship program in our industry and I particularly look forward to learning everything that I can about asset classes, especially multifamily and industrial, since I'm currently working on several projects wherein these components are particularly critical. I could not be more excited about my current engagement with the development of shopping centers for smaller communities in Mexico. I am especially pleased with a model that I have created for a movie-theatre-anchored shopping center for a city of between 70 to 150 thousand people. In Mexico, many communities of this size have no movie theatre at all; some have no shopping center, with people having to drive at least an hour away to enjoy these conveniences.

Shopping centers have become areas for families to spend the day in Mexico, with kids hanging out in a safe place where there is a certain level of security monitoring. I like to think of the shopping centers that we are developing for Mexico as sound models for other parts of the Developing World, providing centers of social gravity that serve vital community needs and promote economic growth in healthy ways that contribute to the long term sustainability of communities. Quite simply, I want to earn my Master’s in Real Estate at XXXX because I want to become better at what I do, make the soundest investments possible, constantly staying abreast of cutting edge developments in my field and harnessing the creative energy of my professional colleagues in my own endeavors.  I count myself fortunate to have my own development company and being my own boss.

A few years after graduating college, I had decided to study towards an MBA and was preparing to take an entrance exam in this area when I was approached by one of the largest real estate developers in Mexico and was invited to join the Retail Development Team. Looking back, I am glad that I dropped those plans for the MBA and that I have waited until many years later for graduate school, bringing with me the wisdom and experience that I have no acquired. This offer that drew me into the real estate world turned out to be an ideal opportunity. The company had just partnered with 2 giants in the industry, Kimco and GE Capital, and I also gained experience working with Reits in Miami in the area of Capital Markets.

I look forward to decades to come as a real estate development professional working with increasingly diverse types of projects not only retail or residential but also office, industrial, etc. I am now at the right place in my life to work to excel in an online Masters program, working at my own pace towards the fulfillment of my dreams. Learning from XXXX’s exceptional professors and benefitting from their vast knowledge and experience will enable me to become a stronger and more prescient industry leader in Mexico and the US with an inherently bi-national perspective on international business. Real Estate is my passion, what I do every day, and what I want to continue to do for the rest of my life.

Being a real estate leader for me is all about service to the community which is the center of my world. I'm involved in supporting various charities in my local community, mostly working through municipal governments, programs for children, toy drives, food drives. etc.  This aspect of success is also central to my life and professional identity.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

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