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MS Supply Chain Management, Europe

I am a young woman from Poland who moved to the United States in 1993 when I was 12 years old. I still feel very much like an international citizen and this is the principal reason why I am so enthused about the possibility of studying in the Master of Science Program in Supply Chain Management at XXXX College, the only program to which I am applying because it is the Chicago area's only Masters Program in SCM. I have chosen this field since it builds upon the academic work that I have already done; and I think that this area of study will best prepare me for realizing my long term goals working in international trade. My education so far has left me extremely impressed with the way that logistics and supply chain have come to be of such foundational importance for the profit maximization of most successful companies, especially those that operate on an international level. I love learning about new cultures and languages and how they are related to international trade, political and economic geography, and the import/export logistics of each country's industry and domestic product.

I have a B.S. Degree in Logistics and Transportation Management that I received in May of 2006 from XXXX College. I would like to continue to study at the same institution because I have come to appreciate XXXX very much and they have the graduate program to which I am most attracted. My minor was in Geography and Environmental Planning. I have twin, highly compatible loves in my life, business and travel. Thus, I am pursuing a career in business where I will be able to benefit from my cultural and linguistic diversity. As a near native speaker of English and a native speaker of Polish, I am especially proud that I am making great progress with Spanish, speaking, reading, and writing the language increasingly well. Combined with my conversational ability in Hindi and Urdu, I hope to be able to make my own small personal contribution to the Developing World generally speaking, especially my native Poland. I look forward to being able to use my linguistic abilities to facilitate communication for the company or companies that I will work for, and I especially like the idea of working for a company that has interests in Eastern Europe, India, and Latin America. I am intrigued by these three markets, in particular, and I think that this multicultural focus will provide me with interesting case studies in supply chain management that may help me to better understand markets and the flow of goods from cross-cultural perspectives.

I hope to someday work in a leadership position for a multi-national company. My foremost passion in this regard would be to develop and implement leadership initiatives with respect to eco-friendly policy, helping my company and other companies understand the increasing profitability factor associated with environmentally sound policies.  I especially look forward to networking, green networking in particular. Over the last few years, my confidence has increased, and I now feel very strongly that I have the right combination of motivation and creative ideas to make an important contribution to international society, especially in terms of industry and the environment.

I feel very privileged to have had to opportunity to gain invaluable work experience with three different internships and other positions in the business world. I am now 25 and have worked nearly full time for the last 5 years, in order to support myself and pay my way through college. My internship in Logistics with XXXX is something that I see of particular relevance and value among my professional experiences in the business world to date. I am pleased that I found the strength and courage over the years to overcome many obstacles involved with having to work so hard at the same time that one attends college. I was never able to get enough rest, for example, but I persevered. I am a humble young woman and a helpful person, someone who consciously struggles to be a good co-worker, a team player, and a good friend to those with whom I come into contact. I love school and information.

I see my intelligence as my greatest strength. I am a sensitive woman who is genuinely concerned for others and has a passion about social justice and the need to lift people from poverty, especially in the Developing or Third World. I want very much to have the opportunity to share in giving people in the Third World hope, facilitating viable ways for them to progress. I like to think of myself as someone who could serve as a good will ambassador from the Developed to the Developing World since I have a heightened appreciation of both-spanning them already in my short lifetime. I see this bridge in the business world as my life calling, the very special way that I can struggle to make an ever greater contribution to development, education, environmental protection, and human security, health, and enrichment.

I am well traveled and this has had much to do with my high level of multicultural diversity appreciation and intrigue. I have visited India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, pursuing my interests and language skills and preparing myself for my professional activities to come in the area of supply chain management. On a human level, the poverty that I have seen, especially in India and Guatemala, provides me with a deep, calm strength to work hard towards concrete progressive improvement in supply chain management. Finally, I would like to share with the admissions committee the fact that today, the same day that I finished this Statement of Purpose, I was given a fortune cookie which said: Education is not filling a bucket, but lightning a fire. I would like to thank you for the consideration of my application.


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