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MA Masters TESOL, Saudi Arabia

Most students in my country, Saudi Arabia, fail to become sufficiently engaged learning as well as a student of English, has intrigued me for many years. Thus, I have become increasingly dedicated to pursuing a career as an ESL/EFL professional, researcher, and professor. I see your program at XXXX University as the finest in the world because of its creativity, state-of-the-art facilities, and it's charming diversity.

I am pleased to report that the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education has granted me a full scholarship for study abroad. I look forward to a full immersion in all of the basics of TESOL with advanced study in the most salient areas. I plan to thrive on CALL, interactive learning techniques, methodologies that engage the students hearts and minds and sustain their curiosity. I am certain that your university is the right place to improve my skills and introduce me to the most effective methods of teaching.

In addition to language and education, I enjoy swimming, soccer, reading and everything having to do with the Internet. I have always been involved in extracurricular sporting activities and I especially enjoy socializing with my peers and getting to know people from other cultures, enriching my own human experience. I have also done well in math and statistics as well as computer skills and English Language, and I keenly look forward to further developing my grasp of statistics in your program. I have been diligently studying Academic English at the University of XXXX since last March and I feel confident that my English skills will be such that I might excel in your program this coming September. I thank you for considering my application.

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