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MA Master’s TESOL, Middle East, Iran

Although I was born an American, my family emigrated to Tehran, Iran when I was eight. Spending my formative years in Iran, becoming educated and competent in several languages, I subsequently returned to the US as an adult. I have been given two sets of experiences, two cultures and two world views from which to draw, and thereby have achieved a high level of cultural competency. Living in Iran, one gets exposure to many cultures, Middle Eastern as well as Asian and North African. And traveling to India, KSA, and Turkey, as I have, has only increased my exposure to differing cultures.

In addition to my TESOL degree, I am hoping to eventually work towards a doctorate in Applied Linguistics, pursuing research in Sociolinguistics. Having experienced life in the US and the Middle East as a citizen of multicultural background, I am aware of the cultural norms, how language is used in various situations, and what is acceptable in which circumstance. In the Iran, I frequently observed how language varied based on an assortment of variables including between the sexes, religious sects, and ethnic groups.

Thousands of people emigrate to the US every year, with a pocketful of hopes and perhaps only a loose grasp of English. In this amazing country, rich with possibilities and opportunities for international students, particularly through universities, it is my express desire to serve the English educational needs of this group of which I feel a strong affiliation. Without the ability to effectively communicate, one's ability to excel, blossom and sense of confidence are hindered. It would be my honor to give to international students the same chances for success that I was given.

Whilst in Iran, I studied several languages, English, Farsi, Arabic and French. At the time, I began the steps that would set me on the path of Humanities and literature Persian at the time, but I switched to English literature at the AA level and BA level with UT at XXX. It was while in Iran that I first discovered my love of teaching. Even while in high school, with English as my major, I was looking forward to a career in teaching. I pursued and procured a Teacher-Training certificate in Iran and spent one year teaching elementary school children English at an English Institute.

UT at XXX has been my sole choice since I began my undergraduate course of study with UT. The school has impressed me with its rich and varied exposition of international students. This diversity alone instills a sense of confidence in me as to the validity, efficacy and relevance of the TESOL program, and only increases my desire to continue my academic relationship with UT. My research has shown me that there are few quality schools in the US that are dedicated to the pursuit of TESOL in an atmosphere of Applied Linguistics, and UT at Arlington stands out amongst what is basically the background noise of other schools.


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