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MS Veterinary Medicine, African-American

 A young black woman from Gainesville, my dream is to become the very best veterinarian that I can. I love the wild and always have. Being out and about in nature with animals has been my first and foremost passion ever since I was a child. And it is not just nature, as I have always been drawn to …

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MSW, Addictions, Homelessness, African-American

I want very much to attain an MSW Degree from the University of Maryland so as to better prepare myself to continue my career as a mental health and substance abuse specialist in the greater Washington D.C. area. This will help me to achieve my long-term goal of some day founding and operating my ow…

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PHD Psychology Clinical Practice

My short term goal in life is to study towards a doctoral degree in Psychology at XXXX University. I want very much to attend XXXX University because I long to become part of this University's special effort to better understand multi-ethnic populations. I am a fully Social Services person, destined…

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