MA Masters Journalism UK, Communications

My increasing enthusiasm for news at local, national and international levels, together with my long-standing ambition to become a journalist, makes a journalistic course a natural choice for me. My reason for wanting to enter into the field of journalism can quite simply be put down to a developing awareness of the need for informed and balanced representation of facts.

On completing my GCSEs, financial circumstances meant I had to spend three years in full time employment. Returning to education in 2001, I found that the sense of responsibility, focus and determination that had been magnified in the workplace proved very useful in motivating me to pursue my academic and career aspirations. Having demonstrated an ability to adapt to different roles in the workplace, I have had no problems adapting to an academic environment.

A great believer in education, I see the role of the journalist as an educating force, an incredibly important one. My study of 'A' Level Government and Politics has served to highlight the importance of informing the public about how decisions being made elsewhere are affecting their lives. It has been particularly interesting to study the role of the media in the political arena and I look forward to studying the role of the media in society, at university.

I have always had a natural flair for writing, which has further been improved by my study of 'A' Level English Language and Literature.

This subject has given me the skills and versatility to differentiate between and accommodate, the written and the spoken word. It has also given me a deeper understanding of the power of the English language.

The development of these skills has extended into my study of 'A' Level Classical Civilisation. Each of my current areas of study has served to nurture my naturally inquisitive nature and improve my analytical and debating skills. Simultaneously, my part time position as a telecommunications assistant has proved useful in enhancing the communication and negotiating skills that are essential for any journalist.

Work experience placements at my local newspaper, The South Wales Evening Post and local radio station, The Wave, have confirmed my ambition to enter into the field of journalism. My own use of online and interactive news services has encouraged my interest in the multimedia aspect of journalism. Studying Key Skills in Information Technology has given me the grounding to develop the skills that new communication technology demands. I am currently part of the Communications Team at Gorseinon College, writing articles for the college magazine and presenting news on the college radio station. I thoroughly enjoy working within such a diverse team.

Outside of my academic routine I have a number of hobbies and interests. I have a passion for singing and have won many competitions in this field. Art is another talent I have developed considerably since leaving comprehensive school. In the context of my chosen undergraduate programme, I hope that my composition skills will prove useful in studying the role and effects of visual images in newspapers and on television.

I attend classes in power yoga on a weekly basis in order to keep fit and look forward to sampling what university has to offer in the way of sports societies and music facilities.

Being at an institute of further education has given me the discipline needed for independent learning which I have put into practice by teaching myself Teeline shorthand. Having proven my ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines, I am confident that I am prepared for the challenges of higher education and the world of journalism.


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