MS Masters Analytical Chemistry

A young, highly ambitious research scientist originally from Vietnam, I want very much to study at the University of XXXX in Boston because I believe that a M.S. Degree in Analytical Chemistry from your distinguished institution will help me to attain my long term goal of becoming a senior research scientist who can make a significant contribution to the expansion of our understanding of bio-analytical chemistry through laboratory studies. I would count it a great privilege to study in your program because of its special reputation for academic rigor and professional success.

I feel strongly that my undergraduate education at XXXX Boston and Suffolk University have given me a firm foundation in Analytical Chemistry and Mathematics, which allowed me to enter the field of chemical research development and quality control, acquiring invaluable experience with such prestigious companies as Shuster Laboratories, Boston Analytical, Wyeth BioPharmaceuticals, Charles River Laboratories, and Tandem Laboratories. Graduate courses at Tufts University in Instrumental Analysis and Organic Spectroscopy have further contributed to my confidence to pursue additional studies.

As a research scientist at Tandem Laboratories in Massachusetts, I work with a drug discovery group handling biological samples including blood, plasma, serum, urine, and tissues. I have rapidly learned new lab techniques such as LC/MS/MS, Tecane, Tomtec, Infusion and sample preparation; protein precipitation extraction (protein crash), liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), and solid-phase extraction (SPE). My research in protein separation has been especially rewarding, rigidly applying scientific procedures in Drug metabolism, Creatine Monohydraye, Carvelidol, Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid, and unknown samples (In Vivo & In Vitro) as appropriate. My energy and passion for my work are matched by my patience and attention to detail. In various companies where I have worked, I have also had the opportunity to train new chemists in the analysis of small molecules and the utilization of techniques such as LC/MS/MS, HPLC, GC, ICP, AA, UV Spec TLC, Karl Fisher.

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