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South East Asian Studies Masters, Chinese

Sitting in the corner, ragged and tremulous, an old beggar was reaching for money. Feeling heavy and sympathy, I, at the age of ten, asked my mom:" why could my grandparents enjoy their life in comfortable sofa, while these begging elders had to lie on the street, kotow and beg for their life? Calmly, mom said: "it is just the realistic society." "Yeah, it is exactly Chinese reality, but do they deserve it? Can't they change?"

No more answer from my mom, I began to find the answer by myself. From campus journalist in middle school to trainee journalist in China Youth Daily, I devoted myself to knowing more about reality, and improving it in my way. Through high click-through report on students' detainment and the professor's ambivalent feeling, I promoted my university to prevent a welcome professor's resign. To make people supervise policy's operating better, I revealed how graduates' employment connected to the political achievement. Prior to all the contribution I probably made, the urgent request from common people most motivated me to meditate what we should change, and how to change. During my interviewing, Heng Sun, the chairman in "Home for Chinese Mingong", couldn't help crying out "What is our figure in mainstream media, thief, hoodlum or rapist? Since we live a life by hands as others, why are we always stopped to enter the high-level shopping mall or even be supposed as dangerous to public? Since we are the creators of the high mansions, why can't we afford a shelter in the city?" Strongly, I felt his anger and helpless. Deeply, I was aware of my own responsibility. With a continuous dream to be a good journalist, I desire to investigate the unfairness and inequality in Chinese society. I hope to wake everyone's consciousness of being responsible to others' happiness or misfortune. I pursue to spread what is a better society.

Thanks to my major, comparative philosophy, I moved forward from simply phenomenal investigation to theoretical thinking. Theories of freedom, democracy and equality in ethics, as well as Confucianism, Legalism and Mohist in Chinese moral philosophy, gave me more insights into social ideals. Besides, learning from other disciplines such as economics, sex and city, and social psychology, promoted me to analyze Chinese realistic issues under basic interdisciplinary frame. Nonetheless, it is far away from enough. Oversea call for Chinese democracy, transnational supervision on Chinese human right, and international trade regulation of Chinese economic participation, expose China under a globalized circumstance. In this way, I necessitate to facilitate international perspectives and comparative analysis into my concern on China.

XXXX University can help me to achieve all of my professional goals. Europe's highly developed social system and high-quality academic environment will not only offer me a firsthand experience of democracy and free marketing economy, but also contribute objectivity and creativity to my research outside Chinese ideological and political control. It just so happens that your courses satisfy what I want, carry on my previous interest, and help shape my future career, a Chinese investigate journalist. Believing in power of communicating, I will strive to be an emissary between China and Europe to spread advanced ideas from both sides. What's more, I will hence achieve my final goal: to lend strength to those lacking it, and enable pessimists to push forward.

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