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Sample 1st Paragraph for the BSN Degree in Nursing

I was born in Seattle and grew up within 20 minutes of the downtown area. I am now finishing up my nursing pre-requisites at the University of XXXX and I have been volunteering in the Emergency Department at the University of XXXX Medical Center ever since I began studying here more than 2 years ago. While I enjoy very much what I do and especially the lovely people that I work with, I am homesick for Seattle. Nevertheless, this is only one of several reasons why XXXX University is my first choice for earning the BSN Degree.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the BSc Degree in Information Technology, Syrian Woman

I am a young woman from Damascus Syria who passion in life is everything having to do with computers and informatics. I earned a general high school certificate in 2009 with an average score of 99.16%. I then entered Damascus University and have been studying there since 2009. Now, however, our country is at war and the university is barely functioning. Things are beginning to look so bad that I am not at all sure that I will be able to finish my studies.My parents are Syrian but we lived in Lebanon from 1993 until we fled the war of 2006 and returned to Syria. Now Syria is engulfed in war, a war which is also threatening to engulf Lebanon, with Israel and Gaza again at war. I am tired of war but I know that I cannot escape it. I hope to be accepted to the Erasmus Mundus Program and to study towards my degree at the University of Berlin because I see this as the best program for me to realize of goal of receiving a state-of-the-art foundation in information technology. My long term goal is to help to protect Arab civilians, especially women and children, through the use of information technology.

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Sample 1st Paragraph for the BSHS Degree, Coordinated Dietetics Program

Now 29, I have spent the last several years of my life watching my grandfather waste away to nothing. I have been frustrated by the fact that his battle with a brain tumor has left him with little to no appetite and subsequently no energy. Not long after his diagnosis, he was already under his ideal weight and continuing to lose, despite all of our best efforts. Throughout this period, I took it upon myself to accept the challenge of doing everything that I could to help keep my grandfather alive as long as possible; and since there was nothing I could do for his brain tumor, I turned my attention to his nutrition.  This is one of the principal factors that have led me to set my sights on becoming a Registered Dietitian with a special, research interest in geriatric nutrition in particular. I have become so passionate about the subject that I am fully confident that I will excel in this area. Your BSHS Program in Coordinated Dietetics at the University of XXXX will compliment my first undergraduate degree in Health and Human Sciences that I earned at the University of Oregon in 2006, as well as providing continuity with my current professional position as a Registered Dietetic Technician.

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