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Statements of Excellence for Graduate Programs and Internships in Veterinary Medicine

It is always a special pleasure to help applicants in the area of Veterinary Medicine and I look forward to having the opportunity to help more applicants in this area in the future. I have always been a great lover of animals; thus, I enjoy learning as much about them as I can, how to protect them, care for them, etc. I also appreciate the sensitivity and unselfish character of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. I just purchased two puppies for my only child David, 7, so I have a fresh, lifelong commitment on a personal level as well.

I want to help you get accepted into an Advanced Education or Training Program in Veterinary Medicine.

It is very important that you carefully review the style and presentation of your application material for graduate school or a certificate program before submitting it, especially your Personal Statement of Purpose. Seeking the assistance of a professional writer is often a very good idea, especially if English is your second or third language. I would be happy to draft the first paragraph free of charge so that I have the opportunity to demonstrate to you how I can help in this regard. You will only need to pay for my services if you are very impressed with the first paragraph and decide to commission me to draft the entire statement.

I would be happy to provide you with a highly eloquent Statement that portrays you as someone with enormous potential to contribute to the advance of the field of Veterinary Medicine over the long term. After you fill out my Online Interview Form, I will ask you some specific questions by email if I need any further information. Please also send your resume/CV and or rough draft if you have one.

Graduate education and research are integral parts of advanced veterinary medical training. Most programs lead to the Master of Science Degree and some offer the doctorate or DVM. Studying in a Department of Biomedical Sciences leading to the PhD is another option. These programs generally encompass the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology/toxicology and biochemistry. Departments of Veterinary Pathobiology also sometimes lead to the doctoral degree.

Research in Veterinary Medicine contributes to the advancement of science and significantly enhances the quality of professional education. Participation by students provides a clearer understanding of disease processes, methods of prevention, and especially the treatment of diseases in animals. Members of the veterinary medical profession, because of their versatility of training, can work in a variety of research areas such as: infectious and noninfectious diseases of livestock, poultry and companion animals, zoonoses (diseases transferred from animal to human), reproductive biology, comparative anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, neoplasia, laboratory animal medicine, veterinary public health, environmental health, radiation biology, clinical research and drug evaluation, and nutritional studies, to name a few.

Veterinarian Mission - Beyond the Horizon. U.S. military veterinarians

Premium Statement Service by Dr. Robert Edinger

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Sample 1st Paragraph for Clinical Veterinary Program for Foreign Veterinarians

I am a young man from India who is extremely dedicated to the field of veterinary medicine. I finished my undergraduate studies in India and then came to America to complete my Master’s Degree, graduating with my MS from the University of Delaware in 2011. Completing your program distinguished program will allow me to practice veterinary medicine here in America; and I hope to distinguish myself both in your program and beyond as a result of my high level of motivation and intense work ethic.

The Humanitarian Side of Veterinary Medicine

Since there are literally animals everywhere, and many developing countries have a distinct lack of quality vet services, travelling abroad is almost always possible for any vet with a passion for helping and new cultures.

International Opportunities in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians and veterinary students who want to combine foreign travel or cultural immersion with training, education or service projects and those who wish to donate supplies, equipment and textbooks to others in need have the world as their oyster. The following resources can help you find the opportunity that is right for you.

In addition, the following organizations offer service and educational opportunities for vet professionals and students interested in international affairs.

If you´re unable to take the time away from your practice or studies at home, these are just some of the organizations that could use your support—in donations of money, supplies, or expertise without travelling—to benefit animal and human health:


Books and Other Resources

Here is one fantastic book you should certainly read if you´re interested in this area.

Well, if you will allow us to blow our own trumpet just a little bit, we´d love to write your statement of purpose whenever it´s required for admission onto further training courses, job or internship positions or anywhere else! Keep us posted on your needs and we´ll be our best to exceed your expectations!


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