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Master's Degree in Real Estate Sample Statement of Purpose, Focus on Construction, Applicant from Bolivia

I first visited XXXX University when I was 8 or 9 years old.  My uncle graduated from XXXX with a Masters in Economics and took me on a tour of campus when we visited DC.  The architecture, history, and sheer energy of XXXX has long been with me. But, this is only one of the reasons why XU is my first choice for graduate school in Real Estate in preparation for a long and highly productive career in Construction Management. I feel strongly that I am the best fit for XU given my extremely high level of motivation, dedication to my field, and the fact that your program is one of the most rigorous and prestigious in the nation. I seek more advanced knowledge of real estate fundamentals, law, finance, markets, accounting, and construction management.  I want to learn more about the gambit of ethical and legal issues faced in the corporate real estate world. The complexities of corporate real estate have always intrigued me and inspired me to learn more.  After earning a Master’s at XXXX, I will probably stay in the Chicagoland area until my youngest has gone off to college.  Then, I hope to work overseas for a global company.

I have extensive experience at construction and facilities management and design and I have also been exposed to the legal aspects of real estate in both my professional career and as a volunteer. In your MPS Real Estate Program, I look forward to studying and learning from world-class professionals in my field and from all over the world. I feel strongly that this is the right time for me to go to graduate school since even before I was recently laid off due to downsizing I felt stagnant in my position with the company and have been preparing a return to graduate school for the past two years. A 47-year-old single parent, I want to be an exceptional role model for my children and lead by example in giving one’s all. I have the experience, the drive, and the finely-honed skills that will enable me to excel as a Masters student.  As an undergraduate, I attended two colleges and juggled 4-part-time jobs all at the same time, paying for my own education.  A lifelong learner, I believe in investing in myself whether it is through education, volunteering or being onboard with company culture initiatives.

As a facilities space planner for a large corporation, cost-effective design has long been my top priority.  This experience will help me to excel in your MPS RE Program at XU. I am hungry to build new relationships and advance my professional networks through contact with professors, my classmates, some of whom will turn into future colleagues, new connections with the leaders in real estate of tomorrow. Georgetown is perfect for me because of the extensive focus given to construction management as an integral part of your real estate program along with your stellar treatment of sustainability and the impact of globalization on real estate markets.

What I most enjoy is helping corporations manage construction, particularly in terms of managing space efficiently.  I do it well.  This is where I hope to make my professional mark in life and with the help of Georgetown, become a master at acquiring and disposing of space as well as managing it. In my professional position I have been privy to sensitive information and signed many non-disclosures statements. I have learned that privacy is extremely important, keeping the information confidential, and this is particularly true when it comes to closing down or relocating a business location. This situation has given rise to my most troubling ethical dilemmas because I wish that associates and employees could be given more notice before a location is closed.  However, on the business side, I realize the difficulties that could occur if this information is disclosed too early. I have also had to wrestle with thorny ethical issues in my volunteer work.

Perhaps because of the fact that I am a Latina originally from Bolivia and a native speaker of Spanish, I feel compelled to help more recent arrivals to the USA with their legal issues, giving something back to my people. So, I regularly volunteer in a legal aid clinic where I am the go-between with the attorney and his clients.  I interpret from English to Spanish in legal matters such as family law, real estate law, and corporate law.  I am privy to a lot of private information, and it is my job not to disclose and to keep client-attorney confidentiality by keeping the client’s personal information private, which I always do. Over the years I have learned that it requires rigid adherence to professional ethics, integrity, and strong boundaries to protect both owner and client information. 

As a survivor of officer-involved domestic violence (OIDV), I would take special delight in the future in constructing multifamily residential environments designed for survivors and their children.  I know firsthand that, legal, educational, and financial empowerment along with counseling are the stepping stones to surviving domestic abuse situations. My goal is to provide safety for OIDV survivors and their children in an area that is often neglected.  Shelter!  I dream of developing housing for these survivors, too long ignored. Having beautiful children ages 9 and 15 who are also survivors of OIDV and growing up in a single-parent household, I have always tried to compensate by teaching my children that learning is a lifestyle.  My background and life experiences energize me to continue learning for the balance of my life about construction management. Graduating from Columbia College with a Bachelors in Fine Art and a focus on Interior Architecture, I learned early on the value of hard work and perseverance. 

I mentor up to 5 women providing motivation and emotional support to single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, and those seeking employment. Listening, mentoring, and motivating 2 survivors of domestic violence with individual needs, conveying positive feedback to enrich their lives. I have great listening skills as I mentor and motivate women survivors of domestic violence and women seeking employment, often resulting in positive transformations.

I have also distinguished myself as a volunteer in Odessa & Kiev, Ukraine, making multiple trips, the second one for 7 weeks caring for orphans housed in orphanages, bringing medical supplies, especially nebulizers for children with asthma. This was personal since my kids and I have asthma, I wanted to make sure that other children who needed a nebulizer had one as well. Plus, I personally brought the kids winter hats, comic books for boys, and headbands for girls.  Headbands for the girls was special in my eyes since their hair was always shaved to prevent lice I wanted a way for them to still look and feel like a girl.

Very recently, I was laid off from my previous employer Sears Holdings Corporation in a mass layoff.  There have been several mass layoffs over the last few years due to Sears no longer being relevant to the millennial market.  Therefore, I have taken this as an excellent opportunity to invest in myself, my education, and my advancement in the corporate real estate world.  I am confident I will do well at in the part-time online program, XXXX University School of Continuing Studies Master’s Professional Real Estate, as I seek a stronger professional network and foundation while adding to my current corporate real estate successes.  My curiosity to advance my education stems from being a facilities project manager who sat next to the COO; who has since retired.  There, I had many opportunities to listen and learn more about corporate real estate.  Listening and learning helped me to confirm my love for this career path. In search of an opportunity to continue my education, to enhance my capacity, I see XXXX University School of Continuing Studies as my path to reaching my stars. 

I am convinced that I will be able to distinguish myself at XXXX in design and construction project management which is what I most enjoy within the corporate real estate asset management sector.  My goal is to become a Construction Management professional and to also learn everything that I can about acquiring, and disposing of the space.  At some point, I also hope to rise to the level of Managing Director in a Corporate Real Estate environment.  I have always dreamt of living in Washington DC and someday going to XXXX University.  Even though now I am applying to the online program, I look forward to attending a few classes in DC and even going abroad for the one class that focuses on Germany: “Exploring Opportunities in Europe.” I see myself up to this point as a “sandwich generation” caring for my aged parents as well as my children. Now, however, my circumstances are such that I am able to devote myself to real estate full time, eating, sleeping, and breathing my studies so as to forge ahead in new directions and advance as never before as a full-fledged professional.

I thank you for considering my application to Real Estate at XXXX.

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Real estate sales training has evolved from a rarely offered luxury to a necessity that new sales associates have grown to expect and the complexities of today’s market require. I have helped many applicants to MBA programs with a real estate focus, as well as drafting Personal Statements for Certificate Programs.

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Help with your Personal Statement of Purpose and Objectives for a Real Estate Training & Certification Program.

These training programs are generally based on concrete behavioral objectives, specific measurable behavior that the student is expected to perform at the end of the training session. Many companies set their training objectives in terms of what the instructor wants (instructor-oriented) or how much material to cover (content-oriented). Nevertheless in order to have an effective training program, the behavioral objectives must be in terms of what the student is to perform. Examples of real estate training behavioral objectives are: “At the end of this session the student will be able to…”

· Recognized sources of listings
· Demonstrate active listing skills
· Explain the sequential nature of selling
· Structure feature-benefit statements
· List the steps of marketing a listing
· Plan a strategy and procedure for an offer presentation.

A training objective must also be measurable within the training environment. If it can only be measured in actual field situations, then it becomes a management behavioral objective. A student may plan a strategy for an offer presentation, but once in an owner’s living room the objective changes to “Present the offer in accordance with the strategy.” This can only be measured by management. To take a concrete example, real estate financing is an area which a sales associate must know. When you ask yourself why this is important and then reduce it to what the sales associates have to do, it becomes an easier subject for them to learn.