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Sample 1st Paragraph for the PHD Degree in Health Administration

Trained as a Geographer, I am now working in the School of Public Health at the University of XXXX in XXXX. I currently serve as the Communication and Dissemination Manager for the Prevention Research Center for the Study of Community Health. I adore my work and have fallen very much in love with the field of health care, particularly the IT, communications, and information systems aspects of our field that hold so much promise for the future. This is why I feel strongly that Health Administration is the area in which I could best excel in a doctoral program. Despite the fact that I do not yet have a formal degree in Health Administration, I feel strongly that my track record as an employee at the University of Alabama demonstrates my capacity to excel in your program, which is why I humbly ask for the chance to prove myself. 

Excellent!! Thank you very much!! I really like it!! 

M.A. (Application for M.S. in Project Management, April 2011)

Ethical Obligations and Responsibilities

Administrators in the area of health care need to consider their ethical obligations and responsibilities just as clinicians do. Administrators make decisions and develop policies that have consequences for the well-being of both patients and employees. As an applicant to graduate school, you need to demonstrate a certain grasp of concepts, principles, and values related to professional ethics in health care administration. I will be happy to do research on your behalf before drafting your model statement so that I will be able to make it as effective as possible.

Why I want to help you get admitted to an MHA Program.

As someone with a PHD in Social Ethics, I have long cultivated a sensitivity to ethical issues in health care. I have done research in the areas of physician-assisted suicide, the liability of health plans, and partial-birth abortion. I am also knowledgeable in the areas of legal and ethical issues in emergency treatment. Most recently, I have done extensive research on the interpretation of the obligation to provide emergency care and make services accessible to persons with limited English proficiency.

When other agencies are experiencing lay-offs, the health care industry is experiencing tremendous growth and rapid changes. Health care is ranked as one of the largest industries in the country with more than 11 million jobs, including the self-employed. 1 out of every 7 new jobs in the nation will be in health care resulting in 2.5 million additional workers. Health care management is ranked among the top 50 best jobs in America. Managerial salaries range from $30,000 - $200,000 per year depending on educational achievement, experience, geographical location, etc.

It would be an honor for us to assist you with your Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate Study for an advanced degree in Health Care Administration.

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Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School, Health Administration, MBA, MHA, PHD.

Healthcare Administration is one of America’s Most Rapidly-Growing Professional Fields

This is a very exciting time to seek an advanced degree in Healthcare Administration. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many professions in the health care field, particularly in the allied health professions, are experiencing severe shortages. While other segments of our economy are experiencing layoffs, downsizing, outsourcing and plant closures, healthcare is experiencing tremendous growth.

The rapid growth of the healthcare field is only one of many reasons to major in the allied health professions. While considering a career in healthcare, it may be helpful to know that health care is one of the largest industries in the United States. Today, we spend over $1.6 trillion dollars per year on health care (only the Defense Department spends more).

Sample 1st & 2nd Paragraphs for the Masters in Healthcare Administration, Latina Applicant

A 25-year-old Latina, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to attend graduate school in the field that I love, Healthcare Administration. My mother emigrated from Honduras and had a difficult time supporting us children here in California growing up; working at everything that she could find that would help put food on our table. I am the first member of my family to graduate from college; thus, completing your distinguished Master’s Program in Healthcare Administration will be an accomplishment for my entire family.

I have been very active in volunteer work in the community ever since High School when I first became involved in healthcare, working in various assisted living centers for seniors in my area. I also became a Certified Nurse Assistant and was already a working professional with experience when I graduated from high school. I currently volunteer as a speaker for the Fetal Alcohol Abuse and Spectrum Teaching Awareness Campaign (FASTRAC).

Sample Personal Statement of Purpose for an Online DBA Program in Healthcare Administration, Australian

I hope very much to be accepted to and complete the Doctor of Business Administration Degree (DBA) at XXXX University with a focus on Healthcare Management as the crowning achievement in my formal education. I completed my MBA online and I am thus quite familiar and comfortable with online graduate study. My strongest asset, however, is the practical education that I have acquired as a result of my long and distinguished track record as a hospital administrator. The business aspects of hospital management are what I know best and this is the primary reason why I hope to be accepted to Liberty, since this is your central focus. I also want to pursue my education online so that I can immediately put what I am learning to good use in the management of the hospital where I serve. Since April of 2017, I have been the CEO of XXXX Hospital in Maldives. Prior to beginning this position, I spent for 4 years as the CEO of XXXX General Hospital in Papua New Guinea.

I do NOT see myself as a public health professional; rather, I am a hospital administrator. My clear recognition of the difference provides me with focus and the capacity to find creative solutions to issues in healthcare management at the administrative level. While I do operate programs that cross over into primary and public healthcare, as a result of completing your DBA Program at XXXX, I hope to contribute to increases in the administrative efficiency and the development of better controls and strategies to rein in the costs of management of secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities. With our aging global population, there is increasing demand on hospital care; and we need to be able to do more with less.

At the age of 12, I was planning to go into Actuarial Studies, excelling and enjoying Maths, but I also loved animals and thought I could be a great Vet. Maths was always relatively easy for me; and I also enjoyed my studies of Law and Economics. While I liked the idea of helping animals, I could not bear to see them in pain, and Vet Science fell off my map for the future after a better investigation of this field. My interest in Maths, Law, and Economics led me to study business and that has been my principal focus ever since. I completed 2 business orientated degrees, the Bachelor of Business (Dual Majors in Accounting and Law) and a Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management). My MBA was completed via Distance Learning (Charles Sturt University - Australia) so I am used to the self-discipline required to earn a degree online, undertake readings, research etc.

I waited a long time before going to graduate school because I wanted to make sure that I had chosen the right industry and career before embarking on a course of study that would involve many years of my life. I began in hospitality and 8 years later moved into healthcare where I remain today.  Thus, I have been working in people-orientated industries for more than 2 decades – people dealing with people; and I have now been in healthcare for over a decade-and-a-half in 7 countries (Australia, Bangladesh, India, Mauritius, UAE, Papua New Guinea and Maldives). All of these countries, except Australia and the UAE, have been emerging/developing nations where strategic planning, human resource development, systems and standards, have always been especially challenging.

Being Australian, the affordability and quality of health care that my family and I receive is something that I have always taken for granted, as every person should have the right to the highest standard of physical and mental health. It is my goal to make a significant contribution to the health of citizens in my community through effective management, clinical operations, and delivery of health care services.

I love environments that allow me to ensure that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. The ability to build systems, with follow-up mechanisms to ensure accountability is something to which I have always given my all to cultivate and will continue to perfect every day that I shall live, forcing myself to think as creatively as possible, both inside and outside the box at the same time, assessing local HR capabilities and resources is my special passion. All of my healthcare roles have required significant planning to be evidence based for conception and implementation. I have laboured to do things such as achieving Joint Commission Accreditation in Bangladesh, India and the UAE – building quality healthcare driven by quality systems. In Papua New Guinea we were faced with a severe lack of blood available for surgery – there is no culture of pro-active donation, no education on the benefits of donation (to either the donor of recipient {although the latter is a little more self-evident}). We launched 2 major programs – Corporate Health Drive (tag line “we don’t need your money, we need your blood”) and the Youth Blood Drive (Spread the Red ). My work experience and academic background to date has enabled me to be successful in managing the integration of new health care delivery systems, technological innovations, and restructuring of work forces and budgets

XXXX University’s Doctor of Business Administration, 100% online program offers precisely what I need, advanced training in professional management, human resources, marketing, and other business-related fields related to hospital management. I appreciate very much the way that your DBA Program is comprised of specialized courses that supply the values, knowledge, and skills needed to advance one’s career and prepare oneself to go on to greater leadership roles in the administration of healthcare at the business level.

I am a determined servant and a leader who gives my all to the organization or institution that I serve. A pragmatic realist with focus, I am most of all a finisher.  I don’t start what I don’t intend to finish. Relying more on logic than sentiment, while I knowledgeable and conversant about preventive medicine and public health ideals, I never lose sight of the real world, the ‘business’ of hospital management in the face of limited resources of all kinds.

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Sample 1st Paragraph, Master’s Health Care Administration

I hope to earn a Master’s Degree in the USA so that I will be given the tools and empowerment required to make the fullest contribution possible to the ongoing improvement and advancement of public health structures in my country, Saudi Arabia, for many decades to come. Your Master’s Program in Health Care Administration is my first choice for graduate school for several reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of our program. I especially admire the work of Dr. X in the area of total quality management and I seek to be empowered to eventually labor to emulate some of his proposals for our health care system once I return to my home country.

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Graduate School in Health Care Administration