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PHD Chemistry, Fuel Cells, Vietnamese

LinkTo date, I have maintained almost a decade of conceptual continuity in my academic and professional careers. Progressing logically and naturally into increasingly challenging research, I have been left all the more eager to conduct my Ph.D. work. The timing could not be better either, and would allow me to grow within my current position with Tandem Labs. More specifically, conducting research into the areas of high-energy batteries, I will be improving not only myself personally and professionally, but also aiding XXX Labs maintain their industrial status as one of the finest bioanalytical and immunoanalytical XXXs. Being proactive, taking the initiative, confidently leading and motivating the people around me through established positive working culture, I enjoyed a good level of success, bolstering my self-efficacy and confidence for my next career move: further development and education.

By completing my Ph.D., I will also be paving my path to my two ultimate goals and ambitions my dreams, namely, becoming a university research professor and owning and or operating a pharmaceutical company. Overall, my purpose is simply, as it has always been, to work in research that will aid in making the society we live and work in that much better, increasing the amelioration of lives everywhere through practical, sustainable solutions to the problems we face every day. We all have a conscious responsibility to create the kind of world we want to live in. By establishing a profitable company, we have a social responsibility to help others, hire the right people with the right education and experiences, and help them achieve their potential.

For the future, I envision returning to the classroom, this time as a professor and researcher attached to a university with ample opportunities for ongoing research, research that I can expose my students to. It would be an excellent opportunity to expose students to relevant, current research with real-world applications. I envision contributing to the further development of ways to gather invaluable information and handle large-scale data. Given my exposure/research experiences and XXX education, I feel that I would become a very effective professor, indeed. Furthermore, given my experience in Tandem labs, utilizing advanced mass spectrometry, immunoanalytical support, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, I will be able to bring the latest industrial processes such as preclinical and clinical development program knowledge to my own pharma company. I have an excellent background, an overview of pharma companies, in addition to my two years with XXX, I have a total of six months experience conducting both quality control and senior lab associate work for two major pharma research companies.

Personally, I believe I have a high level of cultural competency, which will work well for me in the classroom, one in which I anticipate many international students. America's classrooms are only becoming increasingly diverse in terms of the cultures, and creeds they embody. Having been born and raised in Vietnam, and speak two languages competently, I have a worldview that is different from my colleagues, one which lends itself to communicating effectively with people of differing backgrounds. I feel that this will aid me tremendously as I work with diverse students, professors and researchers. In the most practical terms, as a part of my regular duties with Tandem, I have acted as a trainer for all new chemists in the use of XXX an extension of my previous experiences with XXX Analytical in which I trained new chemists in the use of XXX, Dissolution, and pH meter to analyze all small molecules.

I bring with me to the research program an academic foundation that only XXX could provide, and have excelled, maintaining a near-perfect XXX throughout my time with UMass. Indeed, it was while completing my graduate research project that I won a XXX Army contract to conduct further research into high-energy batteries. The intensity of the program is not in question, to my mind. I feel that I am completely prepared for and expect an intense learning environment. What many call the pressures of the job, I find exhilarating and ideal.

I see myself contributing to the learning environment in three ways: my cultural competency, a skill I have developed from having been immersed in the cultures of two countries, educated in Vietnam and the US, traveling around America, with a well-rounded worldview that has been permanently altered by these experiences. Secondly, with my solid academic foundation in the sciences, as well as professional research exposure, I feel that my ability to apply scientific analysis to classroom situations will shed light on many other students own methodologies, as I learn from theirs. Thirdly, through my own set of professional experiences, leading projects, largely autonomously from concept to fruition, I bring with me practical experience and exposure in the field, and the sets of lessons learned through doing, and not just classroom theory. Furthermore, my foundation in professional research is parallel to research being conducted in university settings, concepts I have an excellent working knowledge of.

XXX is my sole choice for further education and the ideal learning and research environment. In the most practical sense, I have built a rapport with the Chemistry department and feel that I have developed a pleasant personal and professional niche. Moreover, the work of Dr. XXX into fuel cells, and batteries, specifically high discharge rate alkaline batteries, will aid my own research invaluably. No other professor could offer me a more relevant or fulfilling leadership and teaching experience. More importantly, I recognize that there is always room for improvement, and aim to fill in the formal gaps in my existing set of skills and knowledge. This in turn will bring me greater personal and professional satisfaction in the only field that has brought me the greatest sense of accomplishment.

To date, the XXX classroom has impressed me, filled with experienced faculty and accomplished student body, and an environment in which I have been able to share my own analyses, test others, come to unexpected conclusions and learn that much more from the collective meeting of ambitious minds. It is in the classroom where our missteps can be turned into learning experiences, and in study time, we can reflect on our interactions, integrating them into our own distinctive path.

I look forward to an extended relationship with XXX with great eagerness. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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