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MSc Physics UK, Flight Simulation

To me the application of physics is what makes physics useful and interesting. I find studying physics at A-Levels interesting and challenging, in particular the areas of theory and experimental work.

I now hope to exploit my talent and interest by pursuing a career as a pilot. I have been fascinated by the complexity of aviation and the uses it has provided for people in their lives. Having travelled by aeroplanes my interest in aircraft grew with time. I understand that the road to becoming a qualified pilot is an extremely difficult one.

However I am no stranger to hard work as I am working towards completing two very demanding A-levels. To gain financial stability in preparation for university I work part time in Marks Spencer. I wanted a job that would teach me a variety of skills as well as being enjoyable. So I trained to become a supervisor. Becoming a supervisor has taught me how to handle great responsibility, to cope with immense stress and to deal with the general public. This requires me to have excellent time keeping skills, attention to detail and be able to communicate effectively both orally and on paper. The job has also improved my ability to work under pressure and given me the opportunity to be independent using my own initiative.

I also enjoy playing computer games, particularly role-play and adventure games, as they incorporate strategic planning and problem solving. Flight Simulator and Raptor F22 are two of my favourites of this genre.

For recreational purposes, I play cricket to keep fit and healthy. This also enhances my ability to think competitively and strategically. Good communication, on and off the field is also essential.

I have a very keen interest in current affairs, I like to be kept well informed of national and international social and political issues. I also share a passion for debating topics with my friends, which bring out conflicting opinions, allowing me to express my views assertively yet tactfully. This is supported by a further interest in Islamic History in particular the life of Prophet Mohammed and the Islamic law (shariah)

I am looking forward to the challenge of study at degree level and exploring the opportunities available to students.

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