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Master’s Statistics, Chinese Woman

Currently a student at the University of XXXX, I will be graduating this coming May, 2016 with 2 degrees, in Mathematics as well as Landscape Architecture. I have taken Calculus III, Abstract Linear Algebra, Elementary Real Analysis, Intro to Computer Science, and Numerical Methods, all prerequisites for your distinguished Master's Degree Program in Statistics at the University of California XXXX, my first choice for graduate school.

UC XXXX is the most idyllic environment that I have ever visited, both academically and with respect to community and the natural environment. I find the landscape most inspiring. I feel strongly that I learned an enormous amount of valuable, very practical things as a result of earning an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture in addition to Mathematics, about industry, supply chain, finance and management, as well as technology, engineering, and business.

I learned throughout the course of my studies, however, that I did not want to devote the rest of my professional life to landscape architecture. Rather, I seek to continue my education at the graduate level in the area that I have always been most passionate about. Mathematics was my first intellectual love and my most recent area of study; this will help me to excel in your program in Applied Statistics at the UC XXXX.

Earning multiple degrees as an undergraduate student is something that I will in all likelihood repeat at the graduate level, earning multiple graduate degrees as well. All of my instincts and innermost feeling tell me that earning my first graduate degree in Applied Statistics at UC XXXX will point me in the right direction and open the doors to a future in which I will be able to make my finest contribution to both humanity and the scientific community. I want to go to graduate school in the area where I have the greatest ability; and I have awesome skill with numbers and their applications. I could not imagine being any happier in the future than I could be fully immersed in data analysis, statistical computing, and applied statistics. I have already taken several computer science classes and I am skilled at website design, both HTML and writing algorithm in java. I am currently learning Python.

I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program at UC XXXX not just as a Chinese woman but also someone who has spent over 3 years working with art people, dealing with design problems. I completed more than 10 design projects varying in scale up to 1700 acres. For each project, I developed a unique strategy for a unique task and conditions. From site analysis to design, I have become adept at research and investigation. I see each of these projects that I completed as a little like a math problem which I learned how to solve and did so.

If I am accepted into your program, after earning my Master’s Degree, I intend to get extensive experience in the real world, working, thinking creatively, and achieving lofty goals in the area of data analytics and in this way reach my fullest potential as a professional and human being who seeks to contribute to our development as a global society. I see Applied Statistics as the best way to do that.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your very special Statistics Program at UC XXXX.

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