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PHD Analytical Chemistry, Chinese Woman

I will shortly complete my bachelor degree in Chemistry at the University of Akron. My research experience as an undergraduate has not been extensive but has been sufficient to persuade me that the pursuit of a higher degree that involves substantial research is most suitable path for someone with my skills and characteristics. My goal is to complete a Ph.D. program at XXXX University in Analytical Chemistry with an emphasis on Mass Spectrometry and then to work for a while in industry and, ultimately, to become a full time researcher and teacher in China.

I have carefully researched the available programs that teach the applications of mass spectrometry and have concluded that Purdue’s program is by far the most appealing and suitable. I intend to be the best in my field and so, naturally, seek to be taught and supported by the best faculty available. I am aware of the work of Dr. XXXX, Dr. XXXX and Dr. XXXX’s group in mass spectrometry and would be very excited to be guided by such experts in my research projects.

As stated, my special interest is in mass spectrometry and I hope to undertake research into its applications, I am very excited at the many possible avenues that this research might take. I have worked for two years assisting in the research of Dr. XXXX’s group that focuses on mass spectrometry work such as ESI, MALDI and GPC in polymers. I have found the work deeply fascinating and absorbing and can think of no area of work that could appeal more.

My professional plans and career goals are to successfully complete my Ph.D. and initially to apply my knowledge in industry and, ultimately to return to China and become a full time researcher and teacher finding more and more applications for my area of expertise and assisting students to do so. Mass spectrometry studies are not well developed in China and I hope to be a pioneer in applying and sharing advanced skills in this area. I enjoy passing on knowledge and skills to others and look forward to being able to do so during the program and beyond it.

I have excelled in my undergraduate studies and have been on the Dean’s List on five occasions. I was awarded the ACESS/OMNOVA scholarship award in 2010 and the Stratka Scholarship for women in fall 2010. I have also acted as Vice President of the XXXX Chapter of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. I am certain that I can profit from admission to the program and that I will ‘add value’ to the department by enthusiastic and successful participation in its research endeavors. 

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