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MA Masters Mathematics UK, World Challenge

I have chosen to study Mathematics at university because I enjoy its challenging nature and get particular satisfaction from addressing its more demanding aspects. Problem solving appeals to me as does the requirement for intellectual commitment when addressing this subject at a higher level.

My profound interest was prompted by my attending a series of Maths Masterclasses at the Royal Institute of Mathematics in Year 9. The lectures addressed problems which required a greater depth of inquiry than those I had come across before, and this led me to explore problems which I would not have otherwise encountered.

This interest in problem solving was furthered by my success in the Junior and Senior Maths Challenges, achieving Gold and Best in School in Years 10 and 11. As a result I took the Invitational Maths Challenge (Yr 10/11) and last year entered the British Maths Olympiad Qualifier.

Interestingly enough I have also found that there are strong mathematical influences in two of my other A level subjects, Economics and Philosophy. Economics allows the application in a practical context whilst Philosophy employs the same logical processes.

Earlier this year I gained international work experience, spending two weeks as an English teaching assistant in the Sodra Latins Gymnasium, one of the largest colleges in Stockholm. My time there was altogether enriching, giving me the opportunity to experience a completely different environment, and enabling me to develop my public speaking and people skills.

Last year I took part in the World Challenge Programme. This required the raising of GBP2500 through a variety of fund-raising events and jobs before travelling in Thailand for four weeks with a group from school.

It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, particularly our time spent working in an orphanage on the Tha-Burmese border.

During this time I also undertook the role of accountant, and was responsible for monitoring and analysing the finances for our group of sixteen people. It was an interesting challenge tackling the variety of problems which arose whilst living on such a tight budget.

During my period of fund-raising I also had a very enjoyable and rewarding time working as a creche-volunteer at the Holy Trinity Brompton, where I had responsibility for a group of 12 - 20 month old children every Sunday morning.

More recently I have been involved in the initiation of an Economic Periodical with some members of my class, and I have just been invited to participate in the Bank of England/Times interest rate challenge, 'Target 2 Point 5', as a member of the team of four economists from Latymer.

I am an enthusiastic artist, continuing with my Art A level, and enjoy visiting the numerous galleries around London and creating my own pieces, both in school and in my spare time.

I also enjoy the piano, which I play to Grade 6, and singing, in which I have a distinction at Grade 4 and participate in the school choirs.

I was able to combine my love of performing with my love of singing when taking both major and supporting roles in several middle school productions.

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