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Law School Diversity, West Africa, Caribbean

I see my very strong work ethic as my greatest asset along with the way that I have grown intellectually as a result of persevering through many hardships. I am an exceptional student in and outside of the classroom, the first in my family to pursue a second degree, and any degree in the legal field. My parents emigrated from Nigeria and I am the first born in America. I have enhanced my analytical prowess and writing ability primarily from working towards the psychology degree that I will earn in December. My long term goal is to become a successful corporate attorney, make an impact on the world, and serve as a role-model for those who will follow, especially women of African origin. In addition to English, I am also proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. I also speak and understand Yoruba, the dominant Nigerian language.

I want to attend XXXX Law School because I think it is the finest program in the country and I very much admire the diversity of its faculty and student body. My undergraduate minor in the Legal Environment of Business has inspired me to want to build a career in the areas of corporate law and intellectual property rights. My studies have helped me to acquire an accomplished understanding of many of the central aspects of law that pertain to the business world and I would like to further my study in this area as well at the same time that I meet all requirements for the JD Degree.

Upon completion of law school I would like to practice as a corporate attorney in the DC area.  But I would also love at some point to practice law in West Africa, in the native land of my family, Nigeria. I also hope to use my Spanish on a professional level. I adore Latin American and Caribbean culture, food, everything. I take pride in the fact that I am an African American who has also fully embraced Latin language and culture. This aspect of my personality has served to make me an outstanding example of the celebration of multicultural diversity.


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