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MA Masters Education, Shia Muslim

My intense passion for education and my deep religious faith, Shia Islam, are the driving forces of my life. Thus, I am an excellent candidate for your program dedicated to preparing students to be teachers in the field of Muslim Societies and Civilizations field. I am also very much attracted to the opportunity of working professionally as a Secondary Religious Education Teacher in the Ismaili community. I believe that my educational and professional background in business, commerce, and computers could be appropriate for the long-term goal of educating Ismaili youth to become highly productive members of their societies who can utilize today's high-tech skills of computer-assisted learning and business.

I seek to become an accomplished and loving teacher of simple truths that awaken our awareness of the presence of God in our lives. I firmly believe that our potential to teach, inspire, and empower ourselves and our fellowman comes from God and results from religious faith. I want to study in your program because of my profound interest in education and Islam. I have struggled for years to learn as much as I can about my religion, and I have also had the great privilege of teaching many children in informal settings in my Islamic community. My students, the children, and young people I have drawn close to, and their profound questions have convinced me that applying to your Master's program is the right decision for me, spiritually and professionally.

Obtaining the Master of Arts in Education through The Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Institute of Education at the University of XXXX, with a focus on Muslim Societies and Civilizations, will represent the fullest realization of my sense of spiritual destiny. I very much look forward to the opportunity to serve my Ismaili community as a Secondary Religious Education Teacher following the completion of the program. I also want to become part of the global effort to raise the standard of Ismaili religious education, especially at the secondary level. I am especially keen to live and work in Great Britain. I think it is essential to the world Ismaili community that the community in England be robust; in fact, it is exemplary as Muslim citizens in an adopted land with so much potential.

I have a great deal of experience in the use of computer-assisted communication. I have a B.S. in Management from XXXX College in Atherton, California, and graduated with a GPA of 3.82/4.0. My first undergraduate degree from the University of XXXX, in my native India, is a Bachelors of Commerce degree, which I completed in 1998. Upon completion of this program, my final rank was 27 out of 1200 students. In addition, while only 28 years old, I have a long and successful track record of professional employment. I have distinguished myself as a very hard worker, and someone whose people and communication skills meet with great success.

For this reason, I feel strongly that I have established a strong candidacy for your program, along with having completed two undergraduate degrees in two countries, both with high marks, and making the Dean's List almost every semester from August 2001 until my graduation in December of 2005. I have been honored by the Agakhan Education Service for Academic Achievements. I have also done volunteer work at a Health fair for cancer screening and worked as a volunteer for a social network of non-profit organizations doing community service; I have done fundraising and helped to organize educational and cultural events. I spearheaded a fundraising event that raised over $1 million for an international non-profit organization. I have worked as a Member of NetIQ, the Professional Network for Indian Professionals, and received a Leadership Award as a Girl Scout President Guide. I was also awarded the Rajya Puraskar Padhak President's Award from this organization.

In addition to my fluency in English, my native language is Hindi, and I have near-native ability in Gujarat, Punjabi, and Marathi. I am a legal permanent resident of the United States which will be helpful in attaining full legal residency later in England. I want to thank you for considering my application.

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