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MAT Master of the Arts in Teaching, Afghanistan

The path that has led me to become a pursuant to a graduate-level teaching program is a unique story of strength, courage, and resilience in the face of incredible adversity. August 8th, 1978 saw the Soviet invasion of my homeland of Afghanistan. As the 40th Soviet Army deployed itself, we prayed for normality to return, but the Soviet occupation steadily escalated to extreme levels, violence and seemingly random incarcerations, with no immediate end in sight.

We held out as long as possible, but it quickly became clear that my family and I would have to flee. It was winter and our only means of escape was to go through narrow and treacherous mountain passes on horseback, carrying all that we could, but basically the clothes on our backs, leaving home, property and belongings all we had ever known behind. On one side, the Soviet mortar shells exploding in the all-too-near distance, and the other, oblivion. We managed to escape to Pakistan and spent one year in a refugee camp, eventually being allowed to emigrate to the United States, where I would begin middle school. Coming to America proved a challenge, as well. In middle school, I faced racism and discrimination at the hands of the ignorant. These, to me - their senseless words - were just background noise. I knew I was safe, and no longer had to worry which family member was going to become a political prisoner or be killed next.

I come from a family of engineers and followed in their footsteps, earning my BS in Architectural Engineering. My passion had always been teaching, and during college I was fortunate enough to work as a Mathematics professor's assistant. Even though I went to engineering school and enjoyed, even excelled, in the field of engineering, aiding in the design and construction of highways, and airports, I always thought that I would be much more fulfilled if I became an educator. The missing link in my life was revealed to me when I took time away from my career when I was blessed with children.

I began teaching at home with my daughter, pursuing Algebra I and II through the Georgia Virtual Academy, a two-year course of study. This experience exposed me to many classroom strategies and principles of teaching. Over the years, as my children went to school, I spent time volunteering at their schools, observing and participating in the classroom environment. Now that my youngest child has started Pre-K, I have the opportunity to return to a professional career, and achieve a lifetime dream, that of becoming a Mathematics teacher. With my strong background in engineering, stellar achievements in college-level advanced mathematics, and passion for teaching, I have the requisite attributes to become an excellent educator of mathematics.

Every student should receive the best education possible, and I am committing myself to a lifelong career as an educator. My aspirations and drive will eventually lead me to pursue a doctoral degree, and a teaching position with a reputable institution, eventually leading and shaping the educational system of my community. I thank you for your time, consideration and look forward to a personal interview.

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