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MS Educational Administration, Black Principal

I am a young African American man from Irvine, California, a teacher, and I would now very much like to attend your Master's Program in Administration. I come from a long line of educators. My father is a high school principal in the state of Maryland. My grandparents were high school teachers, and I have dreamed of following their noble path in education ever since childhood; this has much to do with why I became a teacher and now want to move into administration. I wish to dedicate myself to life's work of struggling to ensure that each student receives the best education possible. I am a cosmopolitan black American who has spent long periods in different parts of the U.S. and traveled to Europe. I am especially attracted to XXXX University for its sound reputation in the area of administration as well as its geographical location. The most significant contribution that I could make to society would be to dedicate myself to empowering and inspiring each student to take advantage of the best education possible and to aspire to the highest ideals that correspond to their talents.

I was raised for much of my life in Anaheim Hills, Ca, California, and I consider California home. I attended XXXX University in Fullerton and received my B.S. in Biological Sciences. My first choice for graduate study is at the XXXX Campus of XXXX because of its convenient location for me as a full-time teacher and my attraction to the structure and focus of the 

program. I look forward to doing graduate work in the Educational Leadership Academy and completing a Master of Science in Administration-terming term goal is to become a principal of a high school in the XXXX School District where I teach because I am someone with a great zeal for educating the community's young people. I also feel that embracing and celebrating diversity in the classroom for men is crucial. I look forward to someday having the opportunity to encourage and celebrate diversity at the school-wide level. I am currently studying Spanish very diligently so that I can learn to better communicate with the growing Spanish-speaking population in our area. Spanish-speaking black man is an excellent role model for young black and Latino men who are often caught up in conflict rather than reconciliation and collaboration through mutual appreciation. I have advised severing all clubs such as BROTHERS and the Boy's League, fostering the active engagement of the cotoorder to get young people and parents alike more involved in school, funprimarilypecially through blood drives and fundraisers for cancer patients. I am most impresshowway that these kinds of activities build character and help the community to bond, producing well-rounded individuals with a heightened sense of civic consciousness.

I have taught 10th-grade biology and love teaching because I derive an enormous sense of satisfaction from the spark of interest of young minds in science. I like the teacher/student relationship, building rapport and trust with my students, and between stand students, they're showing me their willingness to try harder. I especially prize the letters I have received from my college-bound students after they g

graduate. I look forward to becoming an admins and trator, developing creative programs and events that have a progressive impact on many more students at the school-wide level. And I want to thank you for consideration of my application.

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