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Endodontology Certificate Program, Indian Woman

The especially distinguished Endodontology Certificate Program at the XXXX School of Dentistry is my first choice for continued professional advancement as a dentist for a variety of reasons, primarily the sheer excellence of your program. Nevertheless, the fact that I live just 10 miles away is clearly also a predominant factor driving my profound hope to be accepted into your program. My husband works as Senior Engineer at Intel Corporation; his work is also 10 miles from home and he has been with Intel for 24 years. He fully supports me in every way, financially, emotionally, morally and professionally. Since we do not have any children, I can devote myself to dentistry 24/7.

An Indian woman, Canadian citizen, and a permanent resident living in the USA for the last 14 years, when it comes to my profession, dentistry, I freely admit that I am a perfectionist. Thus, I want very much to learn from the best and perform only at the very highest clinical level. The part of my work that brings me the greatest joy is attending to the oral health needs of the under-privileged; thus I seek to broaden my capacity to be of service to those who need my help the most yet are the least capable of affording it, both here in America and abroad. 

 As a general dentist practicing since 2007 here in the USA, I feel strongly that now is the right time for me to give my all to a specialty and I have chosen Endodontics because it is my special professional passion. When I think about Endodontics, I generally think in terms of preparing myself for dental missions in the future as this is the engagement that provides me with the deepest sense of meaning and fulfillment. I have participated in multiple community service dental camps, going to Northern India twice and Costa Rica once.  

In June of 2013 I joined a team of doctors and traveled to Costa Rica for a week (on my expense) to treat a large group of underserved patients. I personally performed more than 50 extractions, mostly wisdom teeth, and this journey has helped to define my professional sojourn of service to the underserved.  The Dental camp was organized by one of the local church missions and every facet of the experience was enormously uplifting, providing me with a great sense of accomplishment. The feeling that comes over me when I look into the patients’ eyes gazing up at me, as I were an angel come down from heaven to alleviate their suffering.  Some held my hands and prayed with tears in their eyes.  I feel that their blessings are invaluable for my soul. My vision of dentistry as service rather than business has also led me to spend the last 7 years treating mostly patients who receive public assistance; thus, while earning considerably less than I might have otherwise, I have been able to focus precisely on those sectors of society in which I have the greatest interest, those with the fewest resources who are the least likely to receive the oral health care that they need. While I am a skilled and accomplished practitioner, I seek further advancement in the area of Endodontics so as to further enhance the quality of care that I provide to my patients by staying fully abreast of cutting-edge developments in my field.

I also seek further training so as to prepare myself for greater connection with academia in the future, perhaps serving as a clinical associate for a dentistry program. I have taken several CE courses in Endo and I have been shadowing Endodontists whenever I get the opportunity. Thus, I feel that I am ready to distinguish myself as a very efficient student in your program.

 I thank you for considering my application.

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