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MSc Engineering UK, Math & Chemistry

I view Engineering as a challenging and exciting career. I believe engineers to be more vital in today's society than ever before. Their understanding of the requirements of people today and how they work towards making the world a better place for the rest of us is astonishing. I am eager to specialise in this subject with a specific interest in artificial intelligence and high speed communication networks such as fibre optics. I have always been fascinated by the mechanism by which devices function. I have enjoyed many sections of my Physics course; however the wave topics have interested me the most, such as wave-particle duality and inference of waves. I also study Mathematics and Chemistry, where you need to understand and apply concepts quickly, easily and calculate accurately, which are essential skills needed in the study of Engineering. Having thoroughly enjoyed the academic study of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, I have chosen a degree that will enable me to combine theory with a practical application.

My work experience at a controls manufacturing company which specialised in the production of refrigeration control and management systems was an enjoyable and challenging experience. I observed the manufacture of refrigeration control systems from the design stage to the final finished product. I also observed the use of CAD in the design stages and learnt about the precision and responsibility with which Engineers must work. My work experience gave me a valuable insight to my degree area and confirmed that Engineering is a Degree that I will thoroughly enjoy. I also had the opportunity to visit the AstraZeneca plant in Avonmouth last year, where I saw the how drugs are manufactured on an industrial scale; it was simply fascinating to watch. This experience has given me the zeal to try to succeed at becoming an Engineer. To widen my view of the Engineering field and keep up to date with recent developments I regularly read the scientific journals such as New Scientist. This has given me a broader picture of the qualities and skills required to be a good Engineer. Furthermore, I have also worked in a pharmacy, which allowed me to develop skills in working as a part of a team such as listening to others views then contribute my own. It has also improved my concentration massively because one lapse in concentration could result in wrong dosages being administered which could be fatal. This has also boosted my confidence significantly.

In addition to my academic studies, I have always enjoyed undertaking sports like badminton and squash. I am also currently learning to swim at my local sports centre where I go every weekend. In addition, I am also currently planning to run in the Bath half marathon in March 2007. Furthermore, I make good use of computers by using them to maintain a website to research subjects on the internet. I have held the responsibility of being a house prefect which has developed my speaking, listening and time management skills. I have also mentored a year 11 student thought his GCSE year helping him with exam strategies and organisation skills. This has improved my communication skills and makes me feel like a respected member of the 6th form passing on the benefit of my experiences.

Engineering is a subject which has greatly intrigued me for most of my life. I will bring determination and enthusiasm to my studies and feel I can do well in the University environment. I am determined to achieve my long held ambition to become an Engineer and to enjoy the stimulation that this career offers.

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