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PHD Health Sciences Informatics, Chinese

Born and raised in my native China until the age of 18, now, at 36, I have spent half my life in the USA. I hope to be selected to your competitive PHD Program in Health Sciences Informatics at XXXX University on the basis of my professional experience and the fact that I hold dual Master’s Degrees that are closely related to this field. This will enable me to excel and distinguish myself in your program.

I plan to fully devote my life to doing everything that I can to contribute to the reinvention of the US healthcare system, making health care increasingly safe, effective, affordable, and accessible in America. I finished my first Master’s Degree in Regulatory Science and Health Safety in 2013 and then my MS in Biotechnology in 2015. I have worked on the development of medical devices as a research intern at the Food and Drug Administration and I have also been running a free weight loss class for my local community for the past several months and enjoy it immensely.

I have very diversified experience in research, regulation and business - all medical related. This includes two years of basic science research experience in the area of brain cancer and I have published one paper entitled "Clinical Cancer Research" as a second author; I have two years of working experience as a FDA regulatory specialist for a software company, making sure that the software serves its purpose of helping drug/biotech companies to stay in compliance with FDA regulations, including the beta testing of several revised versions of the software. I also own my own medical imaging company, a mobile ultrasound company that scans patients in doctor's offices.

I very much appreciate the interdisciplinary character of your Health Science Informatics PHD Program at XXXX and I feel strongly that I am a good fit with your program given my skill sets, experience, and research interests for the future.  I hope to teach in the area of Health Science Informatics in the future and this is why I very much hope to be accepted by one of the finest programs in the country. I hope to combine teaching and research for many decades to come, at the same time that I continue to develop my own technology company.

I have been relentlessly following major issues at the intersection of Biotechnology, Medical Informatics, and Preventive Medicine for the past 5 years. During my last semester as a graduate student I was coming up with several creative ideas that were supported by my professors and I again very much look forward to a full time immersion in the academic world so that I can bring some of my creative ideas to professional fruition. One project that I am working on is a mobile app to holistically integrate the functions of consumer informatics, telemedicine, eHealth/mHealth, and disease prevention & management through health information exchange and interactive patient education, all of which are subjects covered by your curriculum. I am also making progress with an interactive program that can be implemented into organizations or communities at a very low cost but could make significant contributions to education and health literacy for the general public, at the same time that it helps to improve communication between care providers.  I especially look forward to learning as much as I can about Ehealth and human computer interaction at XXXX. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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