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MA Master of Leadership, Police Officer

A police officer from Los Angeles, a dedicated public servant, I am as comfortable working in the office as walking the beat. A compassionate and sensitive man, I have always struggled to do what is right, even though police officers sometimes have to directly face supreme difficulties in figuring out exactly what that entails in any given situation. My first choice for graduate study is at the University XXX, Planning, and Development in the Executive Master of Leadership Program. I am drawn to your program since it is geared towards people who are already working in the public sector. The Advanced study of Leadership is my central interest and professional focus because I want to fine tune my leadership skills I have already attained through many years of experience with the LAPD, the San Diego Sheriff's Department, and the XXX Corps. I want to become an effective leader and an excellent role model for younger African-American men and boys.

I am a native Californian to the core, raised in the San Fernando Valley, North Hollywood, and Van Nuys; yet, the Marine Corps helped to greatly broaden my global consciousness since it allowed me to travel. But it was good to come home. I am very proud of my city and proudly where the badge of the LAPD. While we have had, perhaps, even more than our share of problems, particularly as a black officer, I am happy to be part of the solution as well. Graduating Cum Laude for my Associates Degree in Administration of Justice in 20XX. I became hooked on education and subsequently finished my BS in Professional Studies at Cal State Long Beach in 20XX. I am especially interested in doing graduate work in the area of Public Management and Public Policy. These two areas go hand in hand with my line of work since I serve as a public official in the non-profit/public sector field. Your Executive Master of Leadership Program at USC is uniquely suited to propel me to a management position with the LAPD, helping me to attain the rank of Lieutenant and have more authority and responsibility within the Department. This would enable me to have a much greater influence on how the Department operates and help us work towards the progressive change that is needed in so many areas, especially with respect to heightened multi-cultural sensitivities.

Since I already have 15 years invested in the LAPD and I am still young, I look forward to serving my community as a teacher after another 10 years or so as a police officer. Your program will help to prepare me to someday teach the Administration of Justice at the community college level. Inspired by your program, I may also decide to pursue a Doctorate at some point. A firm believer in lifelong education, I heartily endorse one of the LAPD's Core Values Quality Through Continuous Improvement. As a highly experienced Police Sergeant, I supervise a platoon of officers that patrol the street. Also an investigator I investigate complaints of misconduct by our officers, which has helped me to master extensive amounts of technical writing. I am highly motivated and have many reasons for wanting to complete your program. I want to become an excellent role model for my community and for all of my nephews and nieces to emulate by struggling to change the face of law enforcement to better serve our community. As an African-American, I strongly believe that the more diverse the LAPD, the more effective it will become in conflict avoidance and resolution. Thus, I see my own first-hand experience of the struggles of the African American community to be of critical importance to the cultivation of diversity appreciation and multi-cultural consciousness in our police force.

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